21 of the Best 3ds Max Tutorials

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If you are working on any 3D project, you have numerous options when it comes to choosing software, such as Blender, 3ds Max, Maya, and more.

Choosing the right software can be daunting, especially if you are new to video development and animation.

To enhance your 3D work and add more value, this article will focus on 3ds Max. This software is widely used to render animations, gaming, and create visualizations. It also offers capabilities for creating and editing various types of 3D projects.

If you want to learn more about 3ds Max, this article will provide carefully compiled tutorials to make your learning process more manageable. Let’s dive in!

Create Photorealistic Exterior Renders with 3ds Max + V-Ray

  • How Many Videos: 52 lessons
  • How Long: 7 hours
  • Level: Beginner

Learn how to create stunning renders using 3Ds Max and the most famous render engine, Vray. This course will guide you to understand how Vray render engine works and what setting to use to get realistic-looking exterior scenes.

How to create a realistic render in 3ds Max

In this video, sanvfx, who has more than 21.9k subscribers on his YouTube channel, talks about realistic rendering using 3ds max and Corona. 

It features how to light a daytime interior scene, use Corona sun and sky, and then use a Corona light mix for the lighting part of the tutorial. It is strictly a beginner’s video, so if you don’t know 3D Max before, this could be a start! 

Interior lighting in Vray 3ds Max 

Still, on rendering, this video will show you how you light the bedroom interior, although using Vray and 3ds max.

You might want to set up the sky and sun in a faster way; this video will do justice to that. It is just a 10-minute video that will be worth your while! 

How to animate a car in 3ds Max 

To the animators, this 11-minute video will show the basics of how you could go about animating a car in 3ds max.  

How to Render a Vehicle in 3ds Max 

If you want an architectural visualization of a car, this video could be your best bet! This video will help you to learn to create exceptional car rendering and visualization.  

3ds Max 2022 Modelling Tutorial 

Come to think of it, what if there is just a quicker way to model your interior using the 3ds max 2022 updates? Wouldn’t you want to know how? How good would that be? Check out this video now! 

Creating plexus effect with tyflow in 3ds Max

For an aftereffect such as plexus, this tutorial will show you how to create a plexus-like effect using tyflow. 

How to make a smoke effect in 3ds Max

If you want to make an object from smoke, this video will address all you need to know about this, including different types of rendering. 

How to model a chair using splines and editable polygon in 3ds Max

Using splines will give your chair an accurate and precise measurement to have a good rendering at the end. This video will show you how you can go about this.

Creating rainfall effects in 3ds Max 

This tutorial will show you how you make rainfall effects such that it will appear like rain is falling, showing all the characteristics of such a scenario.  

How to create wet surfaces in Vray 3ds Max

If you want a complete tutorial package for creating a wet surface, this is for you. This tutorial uses Vray blend material to make such. Check it out now! 

Arnold renderer in 3ds Max 

This is an introductory tutorial video about Arnold render and how to use it in your basic work in 3ds max, such as lighting. It covers the history of Arnold and some other important details. It will be worth your time! 

How to have clean lighting in 3ds Max

Lighting could be tricky, especially when it has some noise in it. The lighting tricks portrayed in this excellent tutorial will show you ways by which you can have a clean, perfect, and neat result of any rendering you want. Click the link above to learn more. 

14. Creating a flying-through-cloud Effects in 3ds Max

In a superhero kind of movie, you might have wondered how they fly through the clouds. Well, this could be the way it is done.

This video talks about the aftereffects of flying through clouds. It also features a website where you can download the good stuff for free if you don’t want to start modeling. 

Creating carpets, fur, and hair with 3ds Max 

This tutorial video is one of a kind. This is because it will show you how to use the old and good hair and fur modifiers to create carpets, hair, pet fur, and the like.

Plus, it lets you know more about dynamics using the built-in tools. This video will show you how you could use tyflow for other special but complex effects.  

Using 3ds Max, Vray for interior lighting (day and night) 

Most tutorial videos will want to split the day and night interior lighting. However, this video brings everything together. It will show you how to set things up, lighting, and render the day and night interior scenes. 

How to use Boolean operations in 3ds Max 

This video shows the basics of using Boolean operations for modeling in 3ds Max. It also explains some components and tools needed when using Boolean operations before moving on to the advanced methods.

3ds Max Tutorial: Beginner crash course 

This crash course video gives more clarity on how to begin your 3ds Max journey. It explains some interface components, hotkeys, scene organization, and basic modeling methods used when modeling and creating scenes.  

Best 3ds Max VFX plugins  

If you are looking forward to learning more about simulations and effects, this tutorial video is meant for you.

The video counted some of the best plugins you can use. It features FumeFx, Rayfire, Realflow, PullDown (Thinkinetic), Krakatoa (ThinkBox), Thinking particles, and more. Do well to check them out! 

How to make wet asphalt in 3ds Max

The Vray engine in 3ds max is commonly used to make wet asphalt, which this 24-minute tutorial video by Saeed Mandegar will show you. It also made use of the water splash effect mentioned earlier.

Getting to know your scripts in 3ds Max

In this video, Nina Shaw highlighted some of the most vital scripts used in modeling scripts around the web. The tutorial video will show you some of each script’s main features and benefits.

Why do you need to learn 3ds Max? 

This video highlights why you should learn 3ds Max as a student. It discussed five essential reasons why you should do so. If you are an architectural student, check this video and know your options. 


3ds Max is one of the best animation, game designing, visualization, and functionality rendering software.

The main advantage of using a 3ds max is that it has a significant number of tools for modeling. It is user-friendly and highly efficient in making complex animations. However, it is a paid tool!  

Despite this, you must start to learn some basics about it. Hence, there is a need for tutorial videos. Feel free to check out the videos discussed in this article. You might as well do further research. In no time, you will master all you need to know. Keep learning!  

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