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30 Of The Best Blender Tutorials To Up Your Skills

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Blender is not Futurama’s drunk robot. That’s Bender. For those of you who don’t know it, Blender is a 3D modeling, lighting, and animation program. It is a software that is used a lot for the development of video games and by advertisers and animators.  

However, it is also used by architects for the creation of hyper-realistic renders and infographics.  

Best Blender Tutorials

Do you want to learn Blender? In this article, we will tell you how you can learn to use Blender, the most famous free 3D modeling software on the market. 

Blender Tutorial: Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet – 01  

In this video, CG Geek, who has more than 750k subscribers on his YouTube channel, addresses those interested in modeling. The tutorial offers all sorts of modeling, texturing, and rendering tips. If you like Star Wars, then you would like this tutorial as it shows how to create the Darth Vader helmet.  

Blender 2.9 Beginner Tutorial 

Check out this tutorial if you are planning to work on the latest version of Blender, the 2.92 version released initially on January 2, then you should check out this tutorial by CG Fast Track. It’s a lengthy tutorial that is split into three. It takes you through everything you need to understand with the version.  

Learn 3D modeling from Blender for Unity video game development  

Tutorial Link: https://www.udemy.com/course/learn-blender-3d-modeling-for-unity-video-game-development/ 

This course covers the basic keyboard shortcuts, terms that will make you productive with Unity. It also teaches how you can unpack your 3D objects and apply your graphics.  

4. Blender Beginner Tutorial Part 1 

This YouTube video tutorial is made by Blender Guru, a Blender tutor with 1.7 million YouTube subscribers. In this video which has garnered more than 7.5 million views, he explains how to make use of the new features in the Blender 2.8 version.  

Beginners Guide to Learning 3D Computer Graphics 

Are you interested in making either 3D animations visual effects, video games virtual reality, or 3D printing? Then this is the video for you. This video will give you an introduction to 3D for a complete beginner.  

Learn How to Rig Anything in Blender | Fundamentals of Rigging  

Tutorial Link: https://cgcookie.com/course/fundamentals-of-rigging-in-blender-course 

In this video, CG Cookie explains to us how to rig your 3d characters to make the move. The tutor explains to us the tools you’ll need to place them in the right spots, among other things.  

Sculpting Mouth Anatomy Using Blender 2.6 

In this tutorial, CG Cookie shows us how we can sculpt a mouth in Blender. Doris Fiebig also shows several examples of sculpted mouths and gives an easy approach on how to.

Learn 3D Modeling – The Complete Blender Creation Course 

In this course, Factor3D explains that Blender is a super-powerful 3D modeling tool but it is not the easiest to get started or get to grips with. The course is presented by Michael, a digital artist and the primary instructor throughout the course, and Ben, one of Udemy’s top instructors.  

Creating 3D environments in Blender 

Tutorial Link: https://www.udemy.com/course/blender-environments/ 

This course is created by Rob Tuytel and Erik Selin. ow, these are capable hands and they’re sharing their experience with Blender in this course which includes 66.5 hours of on-demand videos.  

Blender – Abstract Text Design (Blender 2.8) 

This video tutorial explains how to make text design. The video is created by Nathan Duck, an amateur 3D artist and graphic designer who makes 3D tutorials for beginners on Ducky 3D, his channel.  

Why you Should Speed Sculpt Everyday 

Created by Yansculpts, a designer whose focus is on sculpting, Yan has more than 282,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. The tutorial is on how to speed sculpt, a subject that includes one of the most creative and aesthetic features on Blender.  

50 Modeling Issues from Hell (in Blender)  

Gleb Alexandrov and Aidy are here with the introduction video for 50 Modeling Issues from Hell. The tutorial has the ultimate troubleshooting tips collection for 3D modelers.  

Beginner Blender VFX Tutorial Greenscreen – Masking! 

This tutorial covers green-screen and masking basics in Blender 3D. Some of the footage that are used in a recent short film are used in the tutorial. The tutorial starts by setting the resolution to be 100 percent and the frame rate to be 29.97.  

The BEST Way to Learn Blender 2.8 

In this video, Curtis Holt shows us a few of what we think is the best way to be learning Blender 2.8. One thing we would say to anyone who wants to jump in and start learning Blender is to start from this Youtube channel as well as Blender’s official YouTube channel.  

How to Export Cloth Animation to Blender from Marvelous Designer 

Making his 52nd video on 3D, Martin Klekner, here, teaches beginners how to export animations from Marvelous Designer to blender which is something that you have wanted to learn ever since. According to him, it’s a technique that the authors of the Witness’ short film that you know from Netflix used.  

Introduction to Rigging: Complete Character Rigging (Part 1) 

This introductory course is created by Lee Salvemini, a renowned designer in the community on Blender. He has worked on Elephants Dream, Sintel, and has also spent some years with LucasArts on the Star Wars video game.  

Blender 2.8 Beginner Tutorial – Part 2: Interface & Navigation 

CG Boost’s host, Zach Reinhardt, gives us the second video for the Blender 2.8 Beginner Tutorial where you will learn how to use Blender 2.8 and create a juicy apple scene from scratch. The video also takes a quick look at the user interface and navigation of Blender 2.8.  

First Steps – Blender Fundamentals 

Created by the Blender Foundation, this tutorial is the first of the free Blender tutorials. It includes 41 courses altogether and teaches interface overview, mesh creation, as well as how to subdivide surfaces.  

Intro to camera tracking 

One of the awesome features that Blender comes with is Camera Tracking. These features use real footage so you can add VFX and 3D elements to it. The tutorial from Blender Guru, therefore, shows you how to do this.  

The Basics of Good Texturing in Blender 

This video is from Andrew Price of Blender Guru. He teaches how to create variations from a texture by using Photoshop or other similar programs.  

Creating Meshes by the Blender Team  

Coming from Blender, the team tries to help beginners run through the process of mesh creation. You’ll discover differences between NURBS surface and polygonal mesh here.  

Blender shortcuts: Hotkeys you Need to Know 

Tutorial Link: https://www.creativebloq.com/features/blender-shortcuts 

Written by Lukasz Walzer, this is an online tutorial that provides the top speedy shortcuts for streamlining three-dimensional texturing workflow on Blender.  

Blender Tutorial: Vine Animation Text 

In this video, tutor4u demonstrates how to make the animation of Vines. The tutor makes use of the Blender version 2.7 and it’s a 21-minute video.  

Creating a Morph Between Two Shapes  

Blender Nation in this tutorial provides is with some impressive 3D tricks you can pull off while trying to morph objects from a shape to the other.  

Character Animation with Blender  

Tutorial Link: https://cgcookie.com/course/character-animation-toolkit/ 

Beorn Leonard, a Blender artist, in a CG Cookie tutorial, explains how to make character animation on Blender.  

Lighting and Baking Workflow: Blender Tutorial 

This YouTube tutorial helps you get to the grips on the workflow needed for lighting outdoor scenes. The Gleb Alexandrov tutorial, which is part of the Magic Mushroom Hacks, teaches how you can bake light.  

28. How to Create a Spaceship on Blender 

This Blender tutorial is divided into two parts. You will learn with these how you can model s conceptualized spaceship. The tutorial is created by Blender Guru.  

How to Make a Realistic Earth in Blender (Cycles) 

This Blender Guru created tutorial shows us how to use NASA textures in creating a very realistic Earth with the use of Blender Cycles.  

Blender Tutorial: How to Make a Realistic Bread  

Finally, we end with yet another Blender Guru tutorial. The youtube hosted video will help you see how you can make a tasty-looking bread but using subsurface scattering, displacing, and other features in Blender. 


The main advantage of Blender with respect to other programs is that it is a free software; that is, its license is free. This is a huge draw for small studios and offices that cannot afford expensive licenses for other programs.  

Although Blender is free, its power has nothing to envy other popular modeling and animation programs. So, you will need to learn from some tutorials. And these will really help you get the hang of it. 

Get 1 free month of Skillshare and access the WHOLE library of 3D tutorials including my tutorials here is the link.