18 of the Best Modo Tutorials to Up Your Skills

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Modo is a powerful and flexible three-dimensional program for modeling, animating, texturing, and rendering. It enables new and advanced artists to develop their ideas without getting trapped in a technical loop.

Want to start creating characters and objects or making physics simulations? Then you have to check out these 15 tutorials

1. Modo Beginner Tutorial – Modeling a Coffee Mug 

This is a 5-minute mug tutorial from Foundery Learning for Modo. It teaches how to model a coffee mug from scratch. The tutor first creates a cylinder for the body of the mug.

He first defines the size parameters and the number of cylinder sides in the properties. He drops the cylinder in the workspace.

He uses Polygon Selection Mode to taper the base of the cylinder so it becomes more of a mug shape. Continue with the tutorial via the link below. 

2. Modo Beginners Staircase  

Simply 3D is about to teach us how to make a spiral staircase in this 6-minute YouTube tutorial. The tutor advises those new to MODO to go to System, Reset Preferences, and reset everything to get a fresh MODO.

The rest of the tutorial is straightforward, without wasting time on simple basics. The instructions, followed by practical demonstrations, are simple to apply, and soon, you’ll be able to build a spiral staircase.  

3. Introduction To Modelling: Getting Started  

This is the first part of a tutorial series that includes four episodes. In this part, the tutor, Martin Mayer, presents the tutorial, explaining the basics using Modo’s modeling tools.

The tutorial also serves as a guide to a selection of exciting modeling workflows unique to the application.  

4. Modo Learning Pipe  

This is a step-by-step tutorial by Simply3D on how to model with Modo. A tutorial tailored to beginners who have just begun working with Rhino, you will be given some quick tips on how to carry out some basic steps.

The video is aimed at people firing their software for the first time.  

5. Modo Glass Vase Exercise Tutorial 

This 8-minute video explains how to build a glass vase. The Modo tutorial presented by Simply 3D starts by selecting the Polygon, mode-selecting the Polygon B for bevel.

The tutor makes the tutorial easy to follow by screengrabbing the workspace, showing the steps, and guiding you with the voice.  

6. Modo Basics Part 1 

This series deals with the basics of getting started with Modo. The tutor uses Modo 11 version 2 for the tutorial.

The series’s first episode, which lasts for 30 minutes, discusses the interface of Modo, the 3D viewport options, the navigation, and shading modes.  

7. Modo Advanced Tutorial: Droneship 

With over 35,000 views on YouTube, this tutorial is one of the best for advanced 3D animators using Modo. The tutorial is about making a spaceship from scratch in Modo.

The program covers many techniques, including tricks like subdivision, edge, creasing, freezing, and bylanes. Ultimately, you will have a polished still image and a turntable animation of the target object.  

8. MODO Tutorial: Introduction to Modeling in MODO 

This tutorial is presented by Pluralsight Courses and Tutorials, a digital platform with 127k subscribers on YouTube.

In this tutorial, Justin shares a little about essential modeling tools and workflows in Modo as he builds up an RC car from scratch. He also discusses basic polygon geometry and how Modo deals with those objects.  

You’ll also use Modo’s terrific modeling tools, like adding loop or loop slice, edge slice, and bevel, to build a practical modeling project.  

9. Grasshopper Voronoi / Modo Tutorial for Beginner

This training involves making parametric modeling using Grasshopper Voronoi through Rhino and Render. It also shows you how to do the model render. To follow the tutorial, you will need a paper-thin surface.

It’s a tutorial tailored to beginners who have just begun working with Rhino; you will be given some quick tips on how to carry out some basic steps. The video is aimed at people firing their software for the first time. 

10. Modo Introduction Shelf Tutorial

This tutorial takes beginners to a beginner’s class on learning Modo. First, it advises starters to go for a student version of the program with a 30-day trial. All you need is a PC, Mac, or Linux computer.

Then, the tutorial introduces Modo to starters by modeling a simple shelf. Enjoy! 

11. Creating A Character in MODO with Warner McGee 

In this video tutorial, famous character artist and illustrator Warner McGee shows us how to create an original character.

McGee has been a professional illustrator for more than 20 years. He has had the good fortune of working with many excellent and creative companies. He has done various character work, drawing, designing, painting, and 3D models.

He says his approach to 3D is from an artist’s and illustrator’s point of view. He starts by bringing drawings into Modo, from which he looks to model the entire character from head to boots.  

12. Physics Simulation In Modo – 3D VFX Tutorial 

In this tutorial, TunnelvizionTV, a VFX platform run by Ruan Lotter, offers us tips on how to do a basic physics simulation using Modo.

The physics simulation tutorial taught by a platform that offers filmmaking tips is about using Modo version 901. The video lasts for just 7 minutes and includes a screengrab of every step and move made by Ruan.  

13. MODO Tutorial: Getting Started with Sculpting in MODO 

This course is about getting started with sculpting in Modo. The training will cover everything you need to know to get up and running using the powerful sculpting tools in Modo.

You’ll start the course by manipulating some base geometry of a little creature with some simple mesh sculpting to get the shape right. Then, you’ll learn how to set up an image base. 

14. Architectural Lighting in MODO Tutorial: Floor 

This is a video tutorial created by Yazan Malkosh for Foundry.co.uk. Yazan Malkosh himself is the founder and CEO of Swatchbook. Meanwhile,

The Foundry, also known as Flame Tree Publishing, is a publishing company that specializes in art calendars, luxury notebooks, illustrated ebooks, and the art and design of fine gifts.

In this video tutorial, Malkosh explains the techniques for creating compelling shots of contemporary interior living spaces during daylight and nighttime.  

15. Modo Furniture Tutorial 02 by Simply3D for Beginners  

This is the second episode of the Modo Tutorial by Simply3D. It is a short course designed for beginners that takes viewers through the fundamentals of part design and the basic skills required.

The furniture modeling tutorial ends in less than four minutes but has seen thousands of viewers.  

16. Modo Tutorial for beginner

This is the 8th episode of the Modo tutorial presented by Simply3D. This takes us through the basic steps needed to make a small bowl. It’s a small tutorial tailored to beginners.

You will be given some quick tips on how to carry out some basic steps. The video is aimed at people firing their software for the first time.  

17. Modo Modeling Tutorial – How to Create a Telescope 

This tutorial takes us through creating a telescope in a 22-minute video.

The tutor uses a method that allows you to translate it into any other popular 3D application like Maya, 3Ds Max, and more. The tutorial also presents beginners with the basic shortcut tools.  

18. Modo Beginners Cabinet Tutorial 

We end the list with another short tutorial from Simply3D. The tutorial teaches how a beginner can make a cabinet in Modo. It’s aimed at people looking to create or start modeling objects in Modo.  


Modo is among the most popular users for animation, VFX, and modeling. It’s popular among beginners because it’s easy to learn.

These tutorials will introduce you to the basics and help you finish your first projects. We hope you enjoy them.  

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