12 Of The Best Zbrush Tutorials To Up Your 3D Skills

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There are many tutorials available online for ZBrush, some of which are free while others may come at a cost. It’s always beneficial to start as a beginner with these courses to learn a few tips and tricks that can improve your skills.

If you’ve been wondering which course to take, we have compiled a list of the best 13 ZBrush tutorials available online today. These tutorials will introduce you to the basics of ZBrush and cover some advanced techniques as well. Take a look at this list and you will learn how to use ZBrush from scratch.

Best Zbrush Tutorials

Keep in mind that learning is important, but practice is what will make you a better artist

1. Complete Guide to Zbrush  

Complete Guide to Zbrush

This tutorial is recommended for both beginners and intermediate-level artists. The course contains a summary of points covering what has been taught at the end of each lesson. You will also be taking a quiz at the end of the course.

The Complete Guide to Zbrush course has a total duration of 11 Hours and you will also access over 58 video tutorials to help you use Zbrush. 

2. ZBrush Tutorials: Essential Training 

ZBrush Tutorials Essential Training

If you are interested in going into sculpting as an artist, this course will help you understand the basics. Lynda offers this introductory course on Zbrush to artists new to Zbrush. The course will show you all the techniques and tools needed for digital sculpting and painting.

You will learn all the basic functions of the Zbrush software to improve your skills. Pluralsight comes with a one-month free trial, so you can learn this course at no cost. 

3. Zbrush: Hard Surface Sculpting for All Levels 

Zbrush Hard Surface Sculpting for All Levels

Zbrush is one of the best sculpting software for 3D artists and if you are planning to go into that area, you must understand how to use this software. This course gives a very detailed explanation and guidance on hard sculpting with Booleans.

When you have completed the training, you would have created a custom boolean for your work and should have a better understanding of the techniques used in creating complex shapes. You will also learn how to use the Gizmo 3D manipulator tool and most importantly have mastered the Zbrush software.  

4. Use References To Concept A Fighting Beast 

This tutorial was developed by ImagineFX and is one of the best tutorials online. It is available for free on YouTube and is a great resource for all levels. You will learn how to use Zbrush along with Photoshop to sculpt an animation of a fighting beast.

The beast is also referred to as the zombie elephant. This tutorial will help you create your sculpture by following the same steps in the video. 

5. Gnomon Workshop Tutorials On Zbrush 

Gnomon Workshop Tutorials On Zbrush

The Gnomon Workshop is one of the best places to get tutorials as a 3D artist. They have a collection of tutorials on Zbrush from beginner level to advanced level. You will need to sign up to access these courses.

They offer a three-day free trial where you can watch as many free tutorial videos. It is a fantastic resource and has almost everything you will need to improve your sculpting skills with Zbrush. 

6. Make a Hair Texture In Zbrush 

This free YouTube video is very important and will teach you how to make 3D hair look realistic. The tutorial is a very short video and it shows you how you can make hair in simple steps to get the desired results.

You also have access to other Zbrush videos for free to learn other useful tips for your projects. 

7. Absolute Beginners Zbrush Course 

Absolute Beginners Zbrush Course

Just as the name implies, it is specially prepared for new users of the Zbrush software. As an artist, you will need tutorials like this to understand how the program works. The Absolute Beginners Zbrush course gives you a tour around the interface.

The course comes in four downloadable resources and you will have access to watch the nine video lessons that come with this package.

Just like most courses on Udemy, you will need to pay for this beginner’s course and you will be issued a certificate of completion after the training. 

8. Create Characters from Scratch with Zbrush 

This tutorial offers a clear understanding of how to build your characters from scratch. The free YouTube video developed by Liam Shaw demonstrates the step-by-step process of creating digital characters. The tutorial is straightforward and very comprehensive.  

9. Zbrush Facial Anatomy and Likeness Character Sculpting  

Zbrush Facial Anatomy and Likeness Character Sculpting  

This in-depth course on Zbrush covers topics in the area of a 3D portrait. It is available for all levels from beginners to advanced level artists. However, it is better to have some basic knowledge about Zbrush before enrolling for this course, so it’s easier to understand.

The goal of the course is to equip you with knowledge on how to create wrinkles and skin pores. You will also learn to create realistic hair as well as eyebrows, mustache and understand the anatomy of the face in detail. 

10.ZBrush Tutorials: Polypaint with PolyGroupIt

ZBrush Tutorials Polypaint with PolyGroupIt

This lesson by Paul Gaboury will show you how to use the PolyPaint along with the PolyGroupIt to create objects like helmet panels on the head of your character. You will see how the gold panel is added to the ring designed by Nacho Costanza.  

11. Advanced 3D Modeling Diploma  

Advanced 3D Modeling Diploma

Tutorial Link: https://www.cgspectrum.com/courses/advanced-3d-modeling-diploma  

If you have an interest in being a 3D Modeler, then you will need to take a look at this advanced 3D modeling course. This advanced-level diploma comes with a full curriculum that is officially approved for professionals.

The diploma comprises three terms which will run for 12 weeks each. The first term will treat the area of advanced character modeling.

The second term moves on to the area of environment modeling while the third term equips you with the needed tools to push on for a professional career.

12. ZBrush is Here  

ZBrush is Here

Tutorial Link: https://pixologic.com/zclassroom/  

This program comprises six courses that will focus on how to use the Zbrush as an artist. If you are new to Zbrush, you will need to take the beginner course, Getting Started Courses. The 2021 course covers topics like Sculpting, Modeling, Texturing, Animation, Rendering, and Plug-Ins.  


These are just some of the best Zbrush tutorials, there are thousands of tutorials you can learn from to improve your sculpting skills. You must go through these resources to become a seasoned professional in the industry.

You will be exposed to so many tips and tricks to develop unique digital sculpting projects with Zbrush. 

And always keep in mind not to fall into the trap of watching and not practicing as I see so many people these days doing that especially when there are so many resources out there. Watch a couple of tutorials and start practicing you will learn so much from practice and trial and error.