Tutorials How to Make a 3D Cup in Blender

How to Make a 3D Cup in Blender

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Today we will be Creating a Cup in Blender, which requires having basic knowledge of the software’s tools, we will go through how to start modeling from scratch and utilize some of the basic modeling tools like the Bevel, Inset, and Normals

We will also teach you how to apply basic materials and lights so that by the end of this tutorial you can have a final rendered image to share on your portfolio!

So as we agreed we will divide this tutorial into 3 parts:

  • Modeling the 3D Cup in Blender
  • Adding Color to the Cup
  • Lighting the 3D Cup

Let’s dive right into it!

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Modeling 3D Cup in Blender

Add a Cylinder to the viewport with (SHIFT+A), navigate to the bottom left “Add Cylinder” Tab, and change the Vertices to 14.

To the right, you’ll find the Modifiers Tab, select “Add Modifier” and choose the “Subdivision Surface” Modifier.

Increase the Number of Subdivisions to 4.

While selecting the cylinder, enter Edit mode by pressing (TAB) and choose both the top and bottom Faces. Then, inset them by pressing (I) and moving the mouse.

Add Three horizontal loop-cuts (CTR+R+Mouse-Wheel) and Scale them a bit.

Select the Top Face and Extrude downwards on the Z-Axis (E+Z).

Add Three more loop-Cuts (CTR+R)  inside the Cup and inset the bottom face (I).

To make the handle, Inset the top face on the right side by 0.06 (I+0.06). The same goes for the face below it, then extrude (E) on the X-Axis (E+X)

Extrude (E) one more time with the faces close to each other. Select the Two Faces and press (CTR+E)>Bridge Edge Loops.

To Tighten Certain edges, select the edges of the Handle that are connected to the Body then press (SHIFT+E) and move your mouse to tighten it up. Do that Also on the Top edges of the Cup.

Bevel the outer top Edge (CTR+B), exit edit mode with (Tab), and right-click on the Cup to Shade Smooth it.

Adding Color to the Cup in Blender

Navigate above to enter the Shading workspace. Create a New Material with the Cup Selected and change the base color, specular to 1.000, and Roughness to 0.250.

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Change the Render Engine to Cycles and enter the Rendered display (Hold Z+Navigate).

Lighting the 3D Cup in Blender

Navigate to the “World tab” and change the world color to a bright one.

Add a Sun Light, Rotate it towards the left of the Cup, and adjust the angle.

Add an Area Light Behind the Model and Increase Its power, you can duplicate the Cup and position it to be ready for rendering if you like.

And this is the result. Thank you for Following this Guide!

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