Digital Art Blender vs Cinema 4D: Which is Better?

Blender vs Cinema 4D: Which is Better?

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Every creative needs tools to be able to translate great ideas into images, videos, or 3D models.

Although the market for software or applications offers a variety of alternatives, it is impossible to question: which is the best? Therefore, in this article, we present a versus between two of the best software: Cinema 4D and Blender.

Cinema 4D and Blender have become two of the favorite software for animators due to the works of art that can be achieved through these two programs.

We tell you how you can take advantage of Cinema 4D and Blender. We’ll also tell you the tools they offer and everything you can experience on both platforms. 

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Blender vs Cinema 4D: a side-by-side comparison

Below are how both compare using criteria such as cost, source, application, operating system support, and more:

Blender Cinema 4D
CostFreeSubscribed for (with a free trial period)
Learning curve Not so easyEasier to learn 
ApplicationFor modeling, rigging, animation, and simulationFor modeling, animation, and rendering
Developer Blender FoundationMaxon
Operating system Windows and macOSWindows, macOS, Linux, AmigaOS 

What is Blender?

Blender is a free and open-source 3D modeling program. It can run on Linux, macOS, and Windows operating systems. Its interface uses OpenGL, which ensures a good experience on compatible computers and platforms.

From Blender, you will be able to create and animate 3D objects, as well as spectacular universes and environments thanks to its graphic engine processing capacity. 

This is something that is generally done in software specially dedicated to this task.

Blender is a complete program capable of offering a unique experience for the user since its creation back in 2001. It has been characterized as software in constant development for its users.

Blender: advantages and disadvantages

Although Blender is a program that offers everything you need to obtain spectacular results, like everything else, it also has a series of advantages and disadvantages. 

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Having said that, we will first talk about the advantages that Blender offers us. 

Blender Advantages

  • Free and open-source program.
  • Lightweight
  • It offers a wide range of essential tools (modeling, rendering, rigging, video editing, composition, animation, among others). 
  • High-quality 3D architecture
  • Its OpenGL graphical interface is uniform in the main platforms and customizable with Python scripts
  • Constant development.
  • Interaction with developers thanks to a forum with the community in which, for example, bugs can be reported.

Blender Disadvantages

  • Its interface can be confusing for those just starting out

The truth is that we have not found major disadvantages. The only disadvantage that we consider has a solution.

This is thanks to the very complete manual that Blender has on its website. Also, there are great introductory courses on 3D design and modeling with Blender online – for free!

What is Cinema 4D?

This is another of the great options in terms of 3D modeling programs. Developed by Germany’s Maxon, Cinema 4D is one of the preferred software for both experienced animators and those just starting in this world. 

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In Cinema 4D, you can create complex content but in a fairly intuitive way. This is thanks to its friendly interface. This allows new animators to quickly become familiar with its tools and functions. 

It is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. It has Adobe’s After Effects as a great compliment, a factor that greatly helps animators.

Cinema 4D: advantages and disadvantages

Like Blender, Cinema 4D also has several advantages and disadvantages, which are determined based on the experience of the animator and what he wants to obtain as a result. 

Cinema 4D Advantages

  • Easy to understand.
  • Friendly and intuitive interface.
  • User manual integrated into the program. 
  • Constant optimization. 
  • High rendering speed. 

The downsides of Cinema 4D

  • The disadvantages of Cinema 4D are not many. The only one we found has to do with the fact that, unlike Blender, this is a program that does have a cost.  

However, there is a temporary trial version where you can begin to familiarize yourself with the program before making a decision. 

Since both are great software with no serious disadvantages, we will take the opportunity to tell you in more detail the differences in this aspect that exist between Blender and Cinema 4D.

Cinema 4D vs Blender: paid or free?

Blender has points in favor in this regard since it is a free and open-source 3D program. 

Thanks to this, its popularity has increased in recent years, to the point that there is a large community of content creators who are helping to improve the program. 

Being a free program, Blender 3D is a suitable alternative for those who want to experiment with all the program’s functions or for students who are about to take a course in this regard. 

Meanwhile, Cinema 4D enjoys high approval in the industry. Therefore, it is used by many animation studios. 

Although Cinema 4D has a cost, the good news is that, as we mentioned above,  you can download a trial version of the program to start exploring some of the tools it offers.

If you wish to continue with Cinema 4D at the end of your trial period, you will be able to choose from a range of plans that can be annual or monthly.

If you opt for the first option, the price is US $719.00; meanwhile, if you prefer to pay a monthly amount, this is US $94.00.

Cinema 4D vs Blender: which is more difficult?

Cinema 4D wins in this aspect, basically, for one important reason: its short learning curve. 

Several users assure that Cinema 4D relatively has a smoother learning curve, mainly due to its intuitive design. This allows fluid navigation on the platform after some days of practice. 

Cinema 4D’s automation is its main advantage. It offers, to cite an example, the Mograph toolset with which we can greatly use to streamline our work. We know it takes too long to work in just one second of animation, so any help is always welcome.

Another reason that Cinema 4D is easy to use is because of all the tests that are carried out on its new tools and functionalities before they are released. This is part of the benefits of paid software. 

However, we cannot say the same for Blender. This program has a reputation for not being easy to learn. 

At first, it can be a bit confusing, although with time and practice you will be able to confidently manipulate the tools that allow you to animate and make 3D prints, especially by having a complete guide on their functions on the website. So just have a little patience.

The Blender community is always in communication. And, just as you want to learn more about the program, there will always be someone who wants to teach you more about it. 

Cinema 4D vs Blender: interface

The first impression is important. The first thing you see can overwhelm you or give you confidence. 

On the one hand, many see Cinema 4D as the best programs for 3D creation due to its ease of use within its interface.

Cinema 4D has a workflow in stages of the creation process, allowing greater flexibility when navigating through the program.

Will it change with updates? Do not worry! Every update that Cinema 4D offers is thoroughly tested to ensure a stable experience. 

As for Blender, it has recently made an update where it offers improvements to the UI. 

But it still cannot compete with what Cinema 4D offers. The fence is a little high! 

We hope that in future versions, the program can improve the UI of its application to offer a better experience to new users.

Cinema 4D and Blender: who offers the best tools?

After seeing the main features of both Cinema 4D and Blender, the time has come to find out which are the best tools they offer.

This is a vital point so that you can choose a winner in this duel between Cinema 4D and Blender.

Blender: a program to create video games

Do you want to create your own video game? With Blender, you will be able to work in the FBX and DAE formats. These are very useful for developers.

This 3D modeling program also offers by default a writing system with Python 3 language. This is a factor that gives users the possibility to create new additional tools and can be easily attached to the program. 

This, without a doubt, is a great advantage for many designers. They will be able to get various extras and use them to better capture their idea. 

Also, Blender has a system called the Game Engine. What is the Blender Game Engine? This system allows any designer to code their game logic. And, in case you are going to work with someone else’s game engine, you can export them so that they are compatible.

If you like one of your designs, you can easily 3D print them with the program. It will make a great desk ornament! 

What else do the 3D modeling and animation program Blender offer? You can render with a truly photorealistic effect because it uses a “Cycles” pattern drawing engine. 

As if that were not enough, you can also edit videos, which will prevent you from needing an Adobe CC program to create a 3D animated short video. 

Cinema 4D: 3D modeling to perfection

Cinema 4D is a 3D modeling program that offers several working modes: sculpting, volume, polygon, and parametric.  

You can use each of these modes according to what you are looking for and your personal preferences. 

As for 3D animation, you can make renderings with 2D cartoons, and other realistic animations. Also, Cinema 4D does not offer a library for objects. 

Blender vs Cinema 4D: Final Verdict

On the one hand, Blender is a free program and you can download it for free from now on. It allows you to customize tools with the Python 3 language.

You can create animations and put together your animated movie. It might be quite a challenge the first time. But we know that you are creative enough that it doesn’t pose a problem.

Cinema 4D, although, may come at a cost, is one of the most loved and used 3D modeling and animation tools in the industry. It’s capable of giving you various modeling modes.

There’s also the ease of working with 3D or 2D animations. It has a more intuitive interface and it will be easier to learn with this program. You can download a free trial version.