StretchyEye 1.0 & 2.0

General / 27 March 2018

StretchyEye 1.0
A solution for non spherical eyes thats what i started out to achieve but as i progressed i added a lot of elements for example there are 3 types of eyes in this tool that cover most of the workflows you may use in production and here are some of the features inside :
Features :
1-Dynamic Placing
3-Iris and Pupil Control
4-Iris Rounder ( This makes the iris always round no matter how you stretch)
5-1 Click Mirroring
6-Connection with the head Rig
Available on Gumroad :

This is a update coming soon of StretchyEye

Thank you all for the people who supported me from version 1.0

new features :

1- FallOff controll for each Shaper so you can choose whether you wan the change narrow or wider ( This is Huuuggee :D )

2-Eye bulger for animation purposes only on the front eye shaper

3-Three Free extra textures for the eye Type 1

4-Fixed a lot of bugs and Issues from StretchyEye 1.0

5- Small fixes on the curves to make more pretty

This update soon to come will be a FREE update to all who purchased StretchyEye 1.0
as a thank you for helping me continue working on this tool and enhancing it.
so here some links to share and support :

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