General / 28 November 2018

Hey All i am Giving Away one Model Pack for the next 7 days Only

it contains 9 Modeled Pants i have done During the 15 years As a Proffessional 3d Artist

this one is actually available on my Gumroad for 8 Euros , now you Get it for free !

this offer expires in 1 week , Make Sure you Get it while you can !

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StretchyEye 1.0 & 2.0

General / 27 March 2018

StretchyEye 1.0
A solution for non spherical eyes thats what i started out to achieve but as i progressed i added a lot of elements for example there are 3 types of eyes in this tool that cover most of the workflows you may use in production and here are some of the features inside :
Features :
1-Dynamic Placing
3-Iris and Pupil Control
4-Iris Rounder ( This makes the iris always round no matter how you stretch)
5-1 Click Mirroring
6-Connection with the head Rig
Available on Gumroad :

This is a update coming soon of StretchyEye

Thank you all for the people who supported me from version 1.0

new features :

1- FallOff controll for each Shaper so you can choose whether you wan the change narrow or wider ( This is Huuuggee :D )

2-Eye bulger for animation purposes only on the front eye shaper

3-Three Free extra textures for the eye Type 1

4-Fixed a lot of bugs and Issues from StretchyEye 1.0

5- Small fixes on the curves to make more pretty

This update soon to come will be a FREE update to all who purchased StretchyEye 1.0
as a thank you for helping me continue working on this tool and enhancing it.
so here some links to share and support :

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Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph - Zbrush Sculpting Tutorial Part 1

General / 09 March 2018

Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph - Zbrush Sculpting Tutorial Part 1

Today we are Going to Sculpt Ralph from the Disney animation movie wreck it Ralph we will go through anatomy as well as some tips on how to achieve the appeal of this character.
hope this video tutorial helps you get the basics and essentials to sculpt you own version of Ralph in 3D dont for get to watch my other how to and video tutorials.

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Binki Kids - Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs

General / 23 February 2018

Hey everyone
i want to share with a Project i Founded and Worked on along
with some amazing Artists .

Binki Kids is a compilation of your favorite nursery Rhymes and Baby Rhymes for children

Credits :
Ahmad Merheb     Creative Director /Character Modeler / Env Modeler / LookDev / Lighting / Rendering / Comp / Hair Sim
Hasan Tawfiq     Grooming Artist
Dazy Teodoro     Storyboard Artist
Daniel Darmawan     Lead Animator
Allan Aljess Bernardo     Env Modeling & Texturing
César Tovar      Compositor
Mohamed Batl    Cloth Sim

Everyone Did a Stellar Job on This Kids Songs Project
Hope you Like

And Here is Our First Song Head Head Shoulders Knees and Toes :

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Topology Tutorial - Head Topology Techniques

General / 16 February 2018

Topology Tutorial - Head Topology Techniques
 in this topology tutorial i show how i approach doing 3d topology for the head its a bit diffrent with how i approach i think it makes thing easier for me to work. i will start with topogun and placing the poles then from those i can create the rest of the head topology very easily but connecting the main looks and not worrying about haveing triangles or anything.i hope some people are benefiting from these video tutorials ,please share to spread the knowledge

Topology Tutorial - Head Topology Techniques 02
in this tutorial i will cover how i achieved a basic head topology in 15 minutes using sketchretopo and my study for basics pole placement and loops , i hope this benefits you please subscribe and share

Topology Tutorial - Head Topology Techniques 03
in this tutorial i will cover head retopology using Wrap 3 , awesome tool that uses an existing head to topology and wraps it on the high resolution mesh you have , i hope this benefits you

Topology Tutorial - re-topology trick + AUDIO
in this tutorial i will show how i broke my universal head mesh into parts so the wrap process gets easier and results are better .

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