News / 25 October 2018

Hello Everyone
I wanted to invite you to check out the Constantly Updated Model List Available on my Gumroad
Whether you are a professional 3d Artist or a Beginner we all need them.

Gumroad Store :

i use these in Production Time when Things are Fast , When you need to finish a character in 4 days
sculpting a hand or a shoe from the Beginning is time consuming
or if your a beginner and you wanted a live Model as an example to check out its Wire-frame
or Practice Re-topology on it you will find these packs very Useful.

We are Constantly Updating this list with New Models so i would Like to Invite you to SUBSCRIBE to my Gumroad
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then you will Receive Important Updates Only i Wont be Chatting to you on that email  -.-

Max 1 email per month Promise ( I hate when i get 2 emails from Gumroad about new stuff too )

We are Currently Developing Base meshes for Animals and more Models Backs at a very very 

Cheap Price so everyone can afford them.

So let me List all the Awesome Model Packs we Have

Back Pack #1

BackPack Model Asset ready to go :

1- Perfect Topology

2- UVs ( UDIM )
3- Diffuse + Roughness + Normals maps included

Ultimate Base Mesh

- Topology Done for Animation
- UVs Layed out
- eyes open and Closed Blendshape

- Fingers and Toes included
- Maya and OBJ files included  

Ultimate Baby Base Mesh

Ultimate Baby Base Mesh

- Topology Done for Animation

- UVs Layed out

- finger and toes included

Hands Model Asset Pack

24 Modeled Hands

We all know how hard Sculpting and Modeling hands can be ..

over the years i have done soo many hands here are some of the hands

to use in your workflows tweak them a bit and off you go ;)

Shoes/Feets Model Asset Pack

32 Modeled Shoes and Feets 

Series of Shoes and feets assets for your production  

Ultimate Shirts Pack # 1 Models

Ultimate Shirts Pack # 1 Models

12 Modeled Shirts   

EyeLids Asset Model Pack

28 Modeled Eyelids 

Ultimate Noses Model Pack

28 Modeled Noses 

Ultimate Hats Pack Models

9 Modeled Hats 

Ears Assets

Ears Assets for Production 

Ultimate Pants Pack # 1 Models

9 Modeled Pants 

Ultimate Shirts Pack # 2 Models

9 Modeled Shirts   

Ultimate Gums + Teeth + Tongue Model Pack

Ultimate Gums + Teeth + Tongue Model Pack
A Collection of Gums and Teeth and Tongue that i use in Production
Enjoy !  

Weapon # 1

Weapon / Pistol
Modeled and UVs Layed Ready to go ! 

InnerMouth Asset

Inner mouth Sockets i have done as a 3d artist
Hope it helps 

Gun Model Asset

Gun Model
Topology + UV Made  

Ultimate Mouth Pack Models

28 Modeled Mouths   

Fruits Pack Models

3 Modeled Fruits 

Gumroad Store :

and Much More to Come...