How to Add Days to Date in Google Sheets

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There are several ways to add to a date in Google Sheets, for example, if you have one column that has a series of dates and you want to add 10 days to each of the dates given, or an even more complicated scenario is what if you want to add a specific number of days to each of the dates.

In this article, I will show you several ways you can achieve that, and I will explain how the Date formula works in Google Sheets so you can utilize that in your Sheets moving forward.

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Add Days to Date in Google Sheets

First, let’s start with our column that has a set of dates.

now to add 10 days to all the rows of that column basically what we need to do is the following formula.

=DATE+(number of days)

one thing to note and keep in mind is that you need to make sure that the column that has dates is set to a type of Date other wise it won’t work. Here is how you do it:

Select all the Column and then Go to Format -> Number -> Date

Alright now to add 15 days to the column let’s Select the second column and set it to:


Remember to always add the “=” in front so it treats it as an expression, now let’s dissect that formula a little bit.

Explanation of the Add Formula in Google Sheets

A:A : This acts as a selector to the first entire column.

+10: This adds 10 to all the dates in the A column.

Now that we added the first row, you might be wondering how do I get the other rows filled, do I need to do that for every row?

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Of course not, there is a very quick and easy way to do that you only have to double-click on the blue circle next to the cell as in the picture below.

Then Google Sheets would automatically fill the other cells with the same function as the image below.

Second Way Add Days to Date in Google Sheets

Okay, what if you want to add to each row a specific number of days and not just one for all of the rows? That’s IMPOSSIBLE to do I am sorry…

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Kidding relax, it’s easy I will show an example below first let’s start with the following table:

So we want the final dates to be calculated and shown in Column C, let’s go ahead and examine the final function first and then test it out.


Select the Second cell in C column and past the function above, it will directly ask you if you want to fill the rest of the column with the same formula.

What if I get a Weird Number as the Sum Instead of an Actual Date?

This usually happens when you don’t set the cell format type to Date as we mentioned before, so please make sure you either write it in this formula:


Or make sure after you write the date to go as we mentioned above:

Select all the Column and then Go to Format -> Number -> Date


Dates in Google Sheets are similar to Microsoft Excel and they are a very important part of creating sheets.

From attendance sheets to Salary sheets or any sheet that has dates in it, manually placing dates is time-consuming this is why you should utilize functions in Google Sheets to automate the process of adding dates for you so you can get your sheets done faster.