How to Use Seed In Leonardo AI

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One of the main challenges of Generative AI is Consistency, to be able to keep on creating images in the same style or the same subject, for example doing the same character in different poses or using the same style but swapping with a different character.

In this tutorial, I will explain to you more what a Seed is, and how to use it in Leonardo to have some consistency within your AI images.

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What is a Seed in Generative AI?

A Seed is a number to initialize the image generation process for any newly created image. once the image is generated a new Seed number is attached to it that contains information about the style and data that was used to get the result given.

Imagine a Seed like the toolset that an artist has used to create a painting, it would be the brushes, the canvas, the colors, the references he had. Then we take all that and tell him to do another painting using the same tools you had.

Fixed Seed in Leonardo AI

Inside Leonardo AI you can easily and intuitively access the Seed number for any generation you did in the past or will do in the future, you don’t have to enable anything to access the Seed number it’s already enabled for all image generations you do.

The term Fixed Seed is used in Leonardo AI to emphasize the fixed and consistency you will get when using a Seed number in your image generations which is the number one reason why we want to use a Seed number.

How To Use Fixed Seed in Leonardo AI?

Alright, now that you know what a Seed is and why we would use it in our image generation let’s go ahead and learn how to find the Seed number and then how to utilize it to get style consistency in our images.

Step 1: Go to the Image Generation Section from the left side menu.

Step 2: Find a generation you did that you really liked the result of, then click on the 3 dots to the far right of the generation and choose Copy Seed.

Step 3: now that the Seed number is copied we first need to copy the Prompt we used in that generation by clicking on the Copy Icon.

Prompt: In a world where animals and humans coexist, a fearless Squirrel and a heroic figure team up to save their city from a towering skyscraper that threatens to destroy it. Together, they use their unique abilities to take down the building and restore peace to their home.

Step 4: Now we need first to tell Leonardo AI that the next time, we click Generate, please use the Seed number we have, to do that we need to go to the Show Advanced Settings in the bottom left expand the Section, and turn on Use Fixed Seed and past in the number we copied earlier.

Step 4: Alright, now we are set, let’s go paste in the Prompt we have copied and change the Squirrel to a Mouse! and click Generate.

How awesome is that! almost the identical pose and style we had with the Squirrel, here is an image below showing what I mean, oh, and don’t forget to Upscale your image using Alchemy Smooth Upscale.

Alright now let’s test another thing, using the same seed I am going to swap back to the Squirrel term we used before but add a Purple word before it, so it’s a Purple Squirrel.

and there you go! A purple Squirrel!

Note: don’t forget to turn off the Use Fixed Seen option when you finish otherwise you will be stuck in the same style of a generation moving forward and won’t know why this is happening!


Today we learned the power of using a Seed number in our image generations, we have seen how we can get consistency from one generation to another which was almost impossible to have before even if we used the same exact prompt.

Leonardo AI made the usage of the Fixed Seed feature so easy and accessible as a cool exercise for you to test, create a cartoon character, and then use the Seed number to generate different poses of the same character!

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