Generative AI Leonardo AI vs Midjourney: Which Is Better?

Leonardo AI vs Midjourney: Which Is Better?

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AI is the next big thing in the modern world. It has started to take a form of its own that we artists never imagined possible. Artists from all industries are taking advantage of this new intelligence to assist with daily tasks, ask questions, edit, or even create something new. 

AI image creation and editing have come onto the scene in big ways, assisting artists in the creation of their work or allowing new things to be imagined. Two of the biggest image generators out there right now are Leonardo AI and Midjourney. 

If you are interested in AI image generation, one of these applications will serve you well. Which one is best will depend entirely on what you are looking to get out of the AI. Keep reading to learn more about how they are different from one another and which will serve you best. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Leonardo AI is meant for beginners who want to edit and refine their images to make them more unique without any coding hassle. 
  • Midjourney is best for those who want ready-to-use images without a lot of extra input or editing needed.
  • Many people prefer Leonardo AI because there is a free version available and for its amazing UI that makes it very easy to use. 

Leonardo AI Vs Midjourney Comparison Table

Leonardo AIMidjourney
PriceThere are four tiers. The first tier is free, the Apprentice Plan is $10 per month, the Artisan Plan is $24 per month, and the Maestro Plan is $48 per month. Prices vary depending on your exact needsThere are four tiers. The Basic Plan is $10 per month, the Standard Plan is $30 per month, the Pro Plan is $60 per month, and the Mega Plan is $120 per month. Prices vary depending on whether you pay monthly or annually. 
CompanyLeonardo.AiMidjourney Inc.
Main UsesLeonardo AI’s primary uses are image generation, including access to an AI canvas and a 3D texture generator to add additional control over the process. Midjourney’s main use is to generate images based on prompts using natural words that are high quality and ready for use. 
Experience LevelBeginner to advancedBeginner to advanced
Best ForBeginners in AI image creation who want to learn how to control each step of the process while having in-depth help along the way. AI image creators who are interested in getting an exact product without wanting to add additional edits. 
System RequirementsLeonardo AI requires you to have the latest version of Windows, a modern multi-core processor, at least 8 GB of RAM, and enough storage for any images you wish to keep.  For mobile, it requires the latest iOS upgrade and enough storage for your images to be downloaded. 
Midjourney requires you to run it through another application, Discord. Midjourney also requires the latest version of Windows, macOS, or Linux to be installed, a modern multi-core processor, at least 8 GB of RAM, and a decent amount of storage.
Key FeaturesUser-friendly application designed for beginners, allows full control of the final product, free version availableA heavy-duty application that requires decent hardware to run, it creates ready-for-use images, only available to use via Discord
PlatformsLeonardo AI is available for download on Windows devices for desktop use, via the Apple App Store for use on iOS devices, or through the website. Midjourney is available for download and usage on any platform that runs the application, Discord, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPadOS, and Linux.
Comparison table of Leonardo AI vs Midjourney across various categories

Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is a top contender in the world of AI art at the moment. It rose into the scene intending to create a more user-friendly AI art generator that wasn’t so hostile towards beginners. It allows the user to take full control over their creations while having guidance through each step. 

Key Features

  • Simplistic user interface that is easily navigated
  • Designed for beginners to get as much out of AI as possible
  • Only available for Windows or iOS devices
  • Multiple tiers of subscriptions are available
  • Personalization is the priority
  • Different types of Upscaling to get more polished images

Leonardo AI Uses

Leonardo AI is one of the most diverse art AI generators at the moment. With Leonardo AI, you can generate art for different purposes and styles.

Generate models for artwork you create on your own, edit images that have already been created via AI or other sources, or create all new material using simple input cues. 

Leonardo AI’s primary goal during creation was to have an interface that was user-friendly and accessible to all. It makes it as simplistic as possible while still feeling exciting and colorful.

Any AI generator platform will take some getting used to, but Leonardo AI tries to eliminate that as much as possible by making the platform clear with a variety of helpful tutorials available. 

Image generation on Leonardo AI depends entirely on the user. It is designed to take in lengthy prompts to create clearer and clearer images that match exactly what the user wants. The more detail you add, the more you get from this application. 

Pros and Cons of Leonardo AI

Free version availableTakes practice and time to get exactly what you want
Endless customization options to make each piece of art more uniqueCustomer support is known to be lacking
Available via a web browser to make it more accessible

Companies That Have Invested In Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is up-and-coming in the world of AI right now. It is making a name for itself as it becomes a top contender, but it has not been picked up for use by many big companies yet. However, it has been invested in by some companies who see what this program will become and plan to use it after furthering its development. 

  • Blackbird Ventures
  • Side Stage Ventures
  • Smash Capital
  • Samsung Next
  • TIRTA Ventures


Midjourney is a Discord-based image generator created to make image generation hassle-free. It produces ready-to-use products without needing the hassle of editing for quality. It is one of the best image generators on the market thanks to the AI’s impressive learning abilities and specificity. 

Midjourney Key Features

  • Can be run only through Discord (which is super weird)
  • There is no longer a free version of the application, it is subscription only with multiple tiers available
  • Makes use of short prompts
  • Designed to produce products with minimal editing
  • Focused on product rather than process

Midjourney Uses

Midjourney is used to generate images through the use of prompts. Prompt creation for Midjourney is designed to be as simplistic and user-friendly as possible, taking only a couple of short words and phrases. 

Unlike some other AI image generators, Midjourney creates images that require minimal editing if any at all. The AI does the work and produces images that look natural without glitches or errors. Customization is done by adding a few additional words to describe things in further detail but less is often more with Midjourney. 

This AI interface is accessible only through Discord. It takes advantage of Discord’s interface by using the already built-in chat features to assist in content creation. Through Discord, you can also access Midjourney’s thriving community for different tips and tricks. 

Pros and Cons of Midjourney

Images are ready to use after production with little to no editing requiredOnly available through Discord
Prompts can be short while still generating high-quality imageryLess customization and personal enhancements can be made to the art
Takes minimal practice to use it effectivelyNo free version is available

Popular Companies That Use Midjourney

Midjourney is one of the biggest names in AI right now in terms of image generation. Many companies have picked it to help create promotional products or assist in the creation of other artwork. 

  • The Walt Disney Company
  • BharatPe
  • SKF Group
  • VideoLink LLC
  • Annalect
  • Startex Industries

So Which Is Better?

Which AI art generator is better depends on what you are looking to get out of your experience with AI, but Leonardo AI works best for most people.

Leonardo AI is designed for beginners to get the most out of AI with little skill needed, but a lot of dedication. It is focused on customization and getting creative with each step of the generation process. It is free and accessible but requires time to learn.

Is Leonardo AI Better Than Midjourney

Leonardo AI is better than Midjourney. The interface is more visual and is more user-friendly. Also, since you have to have Discord to use Midjourney, it’s more limited and technical to use. 

Can I Use My Generated Images For Commercial Purposes?

Yes, for both Leonardo AI and Midjourney, you can use the images generated for commercial purposes. 

What Are Some Of The Best AI Image Generators?

Two of the best AI image generators are Leonardo AI and Midjourney. However, a few other popular options include DALL-E 3, NightCafe, and StableDiffusion.

Can I Copyright My Images?

No, for both Leonardo AI and Midjourney, you cannot copyright the images you create. Because the images legally have no human ‘author,’ they are part of the public domain.