Sculpting Eyelids in Zbrush

Sculpting Eyelids in Zbrush Tutorial

Welcome to my ZBrush tutorial on Sculpting Eyelids in ZBrush.

In this video tutorial, I will go over the basics of how eyelids are structured, what the main forms are, and how to layer them on top of each other in an organic way.

Eyelids can be quite challenging to grasp initially due to the complex masses and gravitational forces affecting the shapes that surround the eyeball itself. Throughout this tutorial, you will witness my process of starting from scratch and gradually building up the eyelid area.

If you liked this video! I have a complete series on how to sculpt various body parts, which includes the following:

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These tutorials are all part of a comprehensive course that allows you to learn at your own pace. You can find the link to this course below.

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