Top Searched Games on Google

Top Searched Games on Google

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Whether you want to focus a blog on more popular games or are considering starting your own, there’s a lot of information to gather about the most popular games.

One of the best ways to see what’s trending is to look at Google Trends. This provides you with information about what people are looking up at any given time, including the games most searched for in any given month or year. 

These stats provide a lot of information that can help you out, but it might not be quite the information you’re looking for.

While the top games searched on Google have a lot of information to offer, it may not be the information you’re searching for. There are many reasons people look up games on the internet and it may not be just because they’re popular. 

Keep reading to find out more about the top games searched on Google. The results may surprise you in more ways than one. One thing is for sure, the search results will leave you thinking and questioning everything you know about games. 

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The Top Searched Games in 2021

The list of games in 2021 most searched featured a lot of new games, but also a few favorites. 

A chart showing some of the most searched for games in 2021 and how many times they were searched for every month from Statista

Depending on what stats site you look at, these searches change a little. For example, according to Statista, the most searched-for games on Google are above. However, Google Trends has something different to say.  

According to Google, these are the 10 most searched games:

  1. PopCat
  2. FIFA 22
  3. Battlefield 2042
  4. Monster Hunter Rise
  5. Resident Evil Village
  6. Genshin Impact
  7. Call of Duty: Vanguard
  8. Far Cry 6
  9. Madden NFL 22
  10. Metroid Dread

But why are the numbers so different? It could just be that the parameters are different. For example, the first one might just be total searches across several search engines.

Or, it might be searching for specific types of games instead of all of them. This is why it’s sometimes hard to get the same results when you go to look through internet statistics. 

The Top Searched Games in 2022

The top 25 most searched for games in 2022 are below. As you can see, this is vastly different from the top games searched for in 2021.

This does a great job of showing how much the gaming industry changes from year to year and how quickly games can lose popularity or jump back up. 

RankGameAverage Monthly Google Searches (Worldwide)
3Free Fire13,600,000
4Among Us11,100,000
5Genshin Impact7,480,000
6PUBG Mobile4,090,000
7League of Legends4,090,000
8Brawl Stars2,740,000
9Subway Surfers2,240,000
10Pokemon Go1,500,000
11Knives Out1,220,000
12Pokemon Unite1,220,000
13Stardew Valley1,220,000
14Clash of Clans1,000,000
15Angry Birds1,000,000
16Clash Royale1,000,000
17Dead by Daylight1,000,000
18PUBG: New State1,000,000
19Call of Duty: Mobile823,000
20Ludo King823,000
21Flappy Bird823,000
23World of Tanks673,000
248 Ball Pool673,000
25Temple Run550,000
A table of the most searched-for games in 2022 and how much they were searched for per month from MoZillion

You might have noticed something from the list above. The games above are all mobile, or at least have mobile versions, like Minecraft, Stardew Valley, and League of Legends. If you want a list of all the games and which ones are most searched for, the numbers change pretty dramatically. 

A list of the most searched for trends in 2022 from DotEsports

As you see from this image, Wordle was actually the most searched for game throughout the world. And not only was it the most searched-for game, but it was also the number one search in 2022 over any other search, topping out searches like “Queen Elizabeth” and “Ukraine”. 

Why Are Games Searched For?

There are several reasons games are searched for. Generally, people look once or twice on Google to actually download the game. However, after that, people may be looking for things like cheats, tutorials, walkthroughs, and tips. 

RankGameWorldwide Average Monthly Search Volume for [game name] + tips/walkthrough/cheats
2Pokémon Go30,560
3Stardew Valley24,600
4Genshin Impact17,900
5Subway Surfers15,020
68 Ball Pool12,700
9Clash of Clans9,870
10Among Us9,140
11Clash Royale8,530
12Resident Evil 47,620
13Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas6,780
15Half-Life 25,820
18Ark: Survival Evolved5,380
19Free Fire4,940
20Call of Duty: Mobile4,650
22Slay the Spire4,160
23Dead by Daylight4,070
24Borderlands 23,290
25Dead Cells3,200
A table of some of the most searched for games and how many times they were searched for with the word tip, walkthrough, or cheat included in the search from MoZillion

In the list above, Minecraft was the most searched for with 61,000 searches. Out of all of those searches, over 81 percent focused on cheating. Over half of the Pokemon Go searches were also for cheats. Stardew Valley was an exception with most of them focusing on help and walkthroughs. 

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Resident Evil 4’s searches were made up mostly of walkthrough help (71 percent of the searches). On the other hand, over 97 percent of the searches for Grand Theft Auto were focused on cheats. 

Do The Top Games Searched on Google Make the Most Money?

You might think that the more searches a game has, the more popular it is, and therefore the more money it makes. That isn’t always the case, though. Although Wordle was the most searched for game in the world, it isn’t the case. 

Take mobile games, for example. In 2022, the most searched for game was Minecraft. When you look at the top-grossing mobile games from 2022, however, Minecraft isn’t even on there. 

A list of the top-grossing mobile games of 2022 and how much money they made that year from MobileGamer

There are some similarities, like Genshin Impact and Pokemon Go, but overall, the lists are pretty different. This is because many of the searches have to do with cheats or walkthroughs.

This means by the time they start searching for the game, they already own it. While they may have ads or pay for items in the game, it’s not really a sign of how many people are downloading the game. 

The searches don’t follow e-sports trends either. Out of the top 100 most profitable e-sports games, only a few were among the most searched for games for Google in 2022. 

RankGameTotal Prize MoneyTotal Number of PlayersTotal Number of Tournaments
1.Dota 2$32,929,943.521068 Players124 Tournaments
2.Arena of Valor$30,972,131.65751 Players108 Tournaments
3.PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile$23,586,766.921651 Players78 Tournaments
4.Fortnite$17,792,406.481348 Players260 Tournaments
5.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$16,809,275.582932 Players460 Tournaments
6.League of Legends: Wild Rift$13,689,403.67776 Players128 Tournaments
7.Rocket League$9,521,742.001750 Players487 Tournaments
8.PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$8,472,159.00834 Players66 Tournaments
9.League of Legends$8,126,959.011473 Players100 Tournaments
10.Rainbow Six Siege$8,044,806.87670 Players72 Tournaments
11.VALORANT$6,988,929.942523 Players218 Tournaments
12.Apex Legends$6,361,121.39928 Players164 Tournaments
13.Free Fire$6,197,813.57658 Players25 Tournaments
14.Overwatch 2$5,799,117.00607 Players35 Tournaments
15.Call of Duty: Vanguard$5,678,500.00181 Players67 Tournaments
16.FIFA 22$2,947,272.57345 Players51 Tournaments
17.Naraka: Bladepoint$2,828,130.52124 Players10 Tournaments
18.CrossFire$2,710,798.50189 Players8 Tournaments
19.Call of Duty: Mobile$2,700,994.00153 Players9 Tournaments
20.Hearthstone$2,539,124.61527 Players36 Tournaments
21.Halo Infinite$2,497,155.00120 Players22 Tournaments
22.NBA 2K22$2,400,000.0090 Players6 Tournaments$2,198,700.00263 Players153 Tournaments
24.StarCraft II$2,188,686.25250 Players370 Tournaments
25.Brawl Stars$2,116,000.00324 Players43 Tournaments
26.Mobile Legends: Bang Bang$1,944,022.58655 Players33 Tournaments
27.Call of Duty: Warzone$1,887,112.04262 Players82 Tournaments
28.Magic: The Gathering Arena$1,600,000.0066 Players4 Tournaments
29.Teamfight Tactics$1,522,339.85267 Players22 Tournaments
30.chess24$1,473,750.0045 Players9 Tournaments
31.Clash Royale$1,295,333.4099 Players17 Tournaments
32.Brawlhalla$1,260,786.74327 Players96 Tournaments
33.Madden NFL 22$1,250,000.0023 Players2 Tournaments
34.Clash of Clans$1,042,150.00171 Players16 Tournaments
35.FIFA Online 4$1,040,076.48196 Players15 Tournaments
36.World of WarCraft$874,000.0059 Players16 Tournaments
37.Pokemon Unite$789,000.00262 Players11 Tournaments
38.F1 22$750,000.0022 Players1 Tournament
39.Age of Empires IV$730,319.28283 Players179 Tournaments
40.CrossFire Mobile$700,440.0081 Players2 Tournaments
41.Identity V$694,180.3818 Players2 Tournaments
42.Minecraft$654,900.00303 Players43 Tournaments$626,253.60253 Players24 Tournaments
44.Age of Empires II$614,645.69560 Players287 Tournaments
45.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II$563,000.0059 Players4 Tournaments
46.StarCraft: Remastered$545,601.03208 Players38 Tournaments
47.Madden NFL 23$440,000.0028 Players2 Tournaments
48.CrossFire HD$432,765.0056 Players2 Tournaments
49.rFactor 2$411,405.81243 Players14 Tournaments
50.WarCraft III: Reforged$338,390.3367 Players149 Tournaments
51.Tekken 7$336,949.93165 Players72 Tournaments
52.Assetto Corsa$329,763.25102 Players29 Tournaments
53.Super Smash Bros. Ultimate$284,901.19310 Players94 Tournaments
54.Assetto Corsa Competizione$267,601.70287 Players21 Tournaments
55.Quake Champions$252,679.4365 Players17 Tournaments
56.Street Fighter V: Champion Edition$222,611.30159 Players43 Tournaments
57.Legends of Runeterra$206,000.0027 Players2 Tournaments
58.Overwatch$201,034.82190 Players10 Tournaments
59.Trackmania (2020)$180,623.30384 Players205 Tournaments
60.Gwent$154,555.0015 Players4 Tournaments
61.Super People$144,526.0095 Players11 Tournaments
62.Heroes of the Storm$141,544.00107 Players7 Tournaments
63.Summoners War: Sky Arena$140,000.004 Players1 Tournament
64.Pokémon VGC$139,500.0095 Players8 Tournaments
65.Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0$131,788.7862 Players12 Tournaments
66.Pokémon GO$124,900.00119 Players24 Tournaments
67.MultiVersus$114,202.5059 Players10 Tournaments
68.Guilty Gear -STRIVE-$105,202.26119 Players27 Tournaments
69.eFootball$105,000.0027 Players5 Tournaments
70.Age of Empires$102,239.16123 Players38 Tournaments
71.Hearthstone Battlegrounds$100,000.0029 Players2 Tournaments
72.Onmyoji Arena$89,679.225 Players1 Tournament
73.Lichess$75,867.9853 Players27 Tournaments
74.King of Fighters XV$75,689.51137 Players28 Tournaments
75.Multigaming$71,959.1322 Players2 Tournaments
76.Diabotical$69,411.28149 Players160 Tournaments
77.osu!$60,068.61310 Players61 Tournaments
78.Dragon Ball FighterZ$58,444.3776 Players21 Tournaments
79.TEPPEN$56,548.2034 Players14 Tournaments
80.Rezzil Player$46,250.0013 Players9 Tournaments
81.RaceRoom Racing Experience$46,155.0017 Players1 Tournament
82.Crab Game$45,200.0018 Players2 Tournaments
83.Super Smash Bros. Melee$44,567.5864 Players10 Tournaments
84.Rocket League Sideswipe$36,000.0019 Players2 Tournaments
85.VAIL VR$36,000.0030 Players2 Tournaments
86.Point Blank$31,856.2950 Players4 Tournaments
87.Zwift$31,543.686 Players5 Tournaments
88.DNF Duel$28,595.4849 Players11 Tournaments
89.After-H$28,536.3255 Players8 Tournaments
90.WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship$25,250.001 Player1 Tournament
91.Forza Horizon 5$25,000.0024 Players11 Tournaments
92.Critical Ops$24,000.0040 Players1 Tournament
93.Tetris$23,012.0048 Players1 Tournament
94.Onward$22,000.0060 Players3 Tournaments
95.Gran Turismo 7$21,084.8013 Players3 Tournaments
96.Old School Runescape$20,000.0010 Players1 Tournament
97.F1 2021$15,939.0014 Players3 Tournaments$15,395.6497 Players15 Tournaments
99.Blaston$15,055.4422 Players12 Tournaments
100.Echo Arena$13,230.0067 Players6 Tournaments
A list of the top e-sports games in 2022, including how much each game had in prize money, the number of players for that game, and how many tournaments were held in 2022 from EsportsEarnings

So Why Search for the Top Games Searched for on Google?

While the most searched for games on Google won’t tell you necessarily which ones are the most popular, it will tell you the type of games that are trending. If you see a lot of mobile action games or first-person shooters, those are likely the most popular games of the time.

If you’re looking to make your own game, you can try and hop on the bandwagon for these styles of games. Or, you can carefully monitor trends to see when the searches start changing and the types of games just starting to grow popular so you can beat the crowd. 

If you’re looking for games that make the most profit, just to know, the top-grossing games of the year may be more beneficial than most searched games on Google.

Most games, game companies, and game servers release information on the amount of money different games made and the top ones released each year. 

Steam releases information every year on which games had the most players and which ones made the most revenue. The ones that made the most revenue are broken into categories, such as platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. 

However, this isn’t always the same as their most played or most searched-for games. Though there is some overlap, there are some key differences as well.

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It’s also worth noting that this is just for Steam, and doesn’t apply to mobile games, browser games, or console games. It does give you an idea of the differences between the most played games and the games with the most revenue. 

A visual from Steam about their second most-played games. These are the ones that had over 130,000 players in 2022.

As you can see, some of the most played games overlap with those that made the most profit in 2022, but not all. Some of the most played games are older fan favorites but don’t always generate a lot of revenue. 

When looking through the most searched for games of 2022, you will see that some of these games above are on there, but not all. Since most often, games most searched for have to do with tutorials and cheats, they don’t offer a super accurate portrayal of the most popular or the most revenue. 

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That doesn’t mean it’s completely useless to look at charts of the most searched for games on Google.

They can offer valuable information about which games are popular that year, or give you an idea of your own game to start. Just don’t expect the search to provide you with the most popular games or those with the most revenue. 

How to Find the Most Searched For Trends on Google

Google does a great job of showing search trends. If you go to their trends page, you will find that they have all sorts of information. 

Let’s take Genshin Impact, as an example. If you look up Genshin Impact, you can see the interest over time for your search parameter. You can also see similar searches and interest by regions around the world. 

The number of searches for Genshin Impact and Genshin Impact-related topics throughout 2021 from Google
The interest by region for Genshin Impact and Genshin Impact-related topics throughout 2021 from Google
The related queries for Genshin Impact in 2021 from Google

These trends from Google make it really easy to see what’s currently hot on the internet. It doesn’t just apply to games either, but anything you can search.