Productivity Trello vs Monday: Battle of the Productivity Tools

Trello vs Monday: Battle of the Productivity Tools

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Both Trello and Monday are frequently used by those that want to take a bit more control over their lives, as well as those who wish for more collaborative processes within their business.

From the outside, the applications may look the same. However, while they both offer similar features, there are some key differences between them.

In this post, we want to compare Trello vs Monday. Whether you are an individual or a business, by the end of this page you will discover exactly which piece of software is right for you. Let’s help to boost your productivity!

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Trello vs Monday: At a Glance

Let’s start by quickly comparing Trello vs Monday. Although, we urge you to read the rest of this page. This is because there are a number of differences that can’t be reflected in a chart. 

PricePaid packages start at $6 per user, per month.Paid packages start at $10 per user, per month (minimum of 3 users)
Features  Kanban project management charts.  Analytics, automation, invoicing, budgeting, report generation, etc.    
Ease of UseSimple to useEasy to use Kanban charts, tough to use everything else.
Customer SupportEmail-only, Monday to Friday.24/7 customer support. 
Who Is The Platform For?Small projects, individual users.Business users with multiple (3+) working on a project.

Trello vs Monday: Pricing

Let’s start with the pricing. This is because most people comparing Trello vs Monday are going to be concerned about how much of a hole they will be putting in their bank accounts. Pricing

It is only recently that has introduced a free pricing plan, seemingly to compete with Trello. However, the free pricing plan gives you access to just 2 users per account and limited feature options.

The minimum price for monthly access to is $10 per user, with a minimum of three users. So, start at $30 per month. Although, that still doesn’t provide you with access to all the features.

You will need to pay a minimum of $45 per month to start getting any major benefits from So, very expensive for an individual. Although, has never really been designed with the individual in mind. 

Trello Pricing

Trello Website

Trello has a free pricing plan. However, like, you won’t have access to the full system unless you pay.

This starts at $6 per user, with $10 per user per month being the most common option. There are enterprise-level packages that go up to $17.50 per month, but most people reading this wouldn’t need that.

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Trello vs Monday: Features

Both Trello and Monday are tools used for project management and organization. They both thrive on lists and can be used collaboratively by multiple users. Both of them are even based on the kanban style (although, both platforms extend a bit beyond this too).

In this section, we don’t want to focus on where the platforms are similar. We want to focus on the differences in features. 

Trello Features

Trello is purely for those people that want to implement the Kanban method in their project management. 

While there are a few additional features e.g. scheduling, sharing attachments, etc. those not interested in the Kanban project management method are likely to find very little use with Trello.

However, we do want to point out that Trello can be made a bit more flexible with a system called Power-Ups, which are essentially add-ons that you can use to expand your Kanban boards.

This allows you to add Slack integration, improve the way that your boards work through automation, etc. However, the Power-Ups don’t really add anything that you wouldn’t find with Monday.

Monday Features

Monday Website

The heart of Monday is still the Kanban boards, although you have more options about how you wish to display them. You can also integrate Monday with multiple services that you may already be using, although that is much the same as Trello.

Where Monday really differs is how the system has been designed to be more collaborative and as part of your day-to-day business running, rather than just a project management tool. Monday, for instance, includes:

  • More reports and analytics of your data. This allows you to make key decisions more quickly.
  • Budgeting
  • Automate certain tasks on Monday.
  • Invoicing
  • Time tracking
  • Marketing tools

The different views for projects are much broader when it comes to Monday too. While Trello can only be used for Kanban, Monday can be used for a variety of different project management methodologies. 

Want to learn how to use Monday, here is the course for it – Link Here

Honestly, both Monday and Trello are comparable as project management tools. They both work insanely well at project management and do roughly the same jobs. It is just that Monday stretches beyond just being a project management tool. It is a business management tool. 

Trello vs Monday: Ease of Use

For project management purposes, Trello is easier to use. It is much easier to visualize what is going on (which is why most people use Kanban anyway), and everything is intuitive. Adding extra users to your Trello boards to collaborate on tasks is also incredibly easy.

We wouldn’t exactly say that Monday is that difficult to use either, at least not on the project management front. It is still intuitive.

it is just that you need to spend a lot more time trying to get to grips with the more complicated features. Although, we suppose if you aren’t using those complicated features, then the whole system is simpler to use. 

Trello vs Monday: Customer Support

Monday wins the customer support battle here. The company is available 24/7 and never more than a phone call away.

Trello is email support only, and they don’t work weekends. This means that you could wait days for a response to even the simplest of questions.

Of course, both platforms are designed decently well, so you probably wouldn’t have to worry too much about customer support issues. 

Trello vs Monday: Who Are They For?

If you are after a simple project management tool, perhaps for 1-5 users, then Trello is great. It only works for Kanban project management, and can’t really be used in other elements of your business. However, as a pure project management tool, then Trello is perfect. 

Monday is a more complicated tool for larger businesses that thrive on collaboration. For anything over 5 collaborators, or businesses that want to use a project management system that isn’t Kanban, then Monday is perfect. 

Final Thoughts – Which Option Is Right For You?

Both Trello and Monday are great project management tools. However, Monday is designed for more enterprise-level users, while Trello is for smaller project management. 

Unless you run a large business, we recommend that you stick with Trello. It is easier to get to grips with, and you won’t be overwhelmed by a lot of features that you are unlikely to use.

If you run a business where multiple people are likely to be collaborating on a project, then we suggest that you head to and check out the features beyond project management.