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How To Unhide Objects In Blender

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I remember when I accidentally clicked “H” on my keyboard in Blender and the object disappeared I didn’t know what happened or how to get it back!

In short, to Hide objects in Blender press “H” on the keyboard, and if you want to Unhide all objects press “Alt+H” on the keyboard. Another way is to go to The Mesh Menu and then click Show/Hide and finally click “Reveal Hidden”.

Hiding and Unhiding in Blender is very important and may seem easy at first and it actually is but in this article, I will show not just one way but several ways to hide and unhide objects and components in Blender.

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Unhide in Blender: Option 1

The first and easiest way to Hide and Unhide objects in Blender is using shortcuts and as a general note using shortcuts is the best and fastest way.

Pressing “H” on the keyboard will hide objects in Blender that easily! and if you want to reveal everything hidden press “Alt+H” on the keyboard, that will unhide everything in the scene not just the latest one you have hidden.

Unhide in Blender: Option 2

The Second way is using the Menu, and this is a bit time-consuming but beginners usually use this one as they haven’t gotten used to using shortcuts yet.

Head over to the Mesh Menu -> Show/Hide -> Reveal Hidden

The image below shows where to find the right menu in Blender.

Unhide in Blender: Option 3

The third way is using the Outliner in Blender, as you all know all objects of all types are shown in the Outliner listed.

Using the Eye Icon you can show and hide every object there, check the image below to see where to click.

Unhide in Edit Mode In Blender

As previously covered In Blender, there are 2 modes, one is called “Object Mode” and one is called “Edit Mode”.

  • Object Mode: Manipulate the Meshes as elements and not their components.
  • Edit Mode: Manipulate the components of an object (Vertices, Edges, Faces)

Hide/Unhide Works both in object mode and in edit mode, Press “Tab” to enter edit mode, press 3 to switch to face mode, and then select one face and press “H” on the keyboard to hide that face.

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If you want to Unhide all faces in edit mode, press 3 and then “Alt+H” and you will have all faces revealed.

Hide Linked Geometry In Blender

There are cases when you will be in Edit Mode and that object is built from several meshes like the example image below.

If you want to Hide all the faces of the sphere element for example you can do that by pressing “L” (make sure to have your cursor above the sphere).

This shortcut is for an operation called “Select Linked” Which selects all faces connected to each other.

After pressing “L” and selecting all faces linked you can go ahead and press “H” to select the linked faces, the image below shows the result.

Unhide In Blender Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Unhide AllAlt+H


In conclusion and what to remember, Unhiding all in Blender is by pressing the “Alt+H” button on the keyboard and pressing “H” when you want to Hide selected objects or components.

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I hope this was a good overview of Hiding and Unhiding in Blender, make sure you share this article if you found it useful.