One of the top questions I get asked when presenting and public speaking is “What Tools do you use everyday?”. Below, are the tools that I use and recommend using.

Adobe Photoshop

A no-brainer for any artist whether 3D or 2D, you will need an application to handle images and textures.

Adobe Illustrator Icon

Adobe Illustrator

If you are a Graphic Designer or work in UI/UX then Illustrator is the best software to handle any type of Vector work.

Maxon Zbrush

One of the Best Professional Sculpting software there is, can handle very large sculpts and is used in many gaming and film studio around the world.

RetopoFlow Addon (Blender)

Retopology can be very tedious and tricky to do, but with this addon for Blender and all the tools it offers it will take way less time to retopologize and it would be less boring.

ClipStudio Paint

This software has been recommended to me by so many 2D artist as they found it extremely useful for 2D animation.

Substance Painter

Undoubtedly the best 3D texturing software there is on the market today, you can generate lots of maps with it as well for PBR workflows.


For UI/UX artists this software is nb 1 out there for creating prototypes and designing UI interfaces and working with collaboratively with teams.

Unity Pro

Most popular game engine in the market, very reliable and is used by most mobile game studios in the world.

Wacom Intuos Pro Icon

Wacom Intuos Pro

I have always worked in the Intuos line of Wacoms Tablets and the new Intuos Pro packs a lot of great features and for my usage, the small size works best for me.