Best Adobe Fresco Tutorials for Digital Artists

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Digital drawing continues to take over the art world and become a popular medium for many creators. For digital artists, skill and the correct application are key to amazing art.

Finding the perfect application as an artist can be difficult. Even after finding one, it can be scary to try and understand it. Adobe Fresco is known for being easy to use and understand while being free to try, making it perfect for anyone in digital art who is just starting. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Adobe Fresco tutorials aren’t just for beginners.
  • Whether you want to improve your skills or just jump into a new software, tutorials are useful.
  • Many lessons offer you the chance to get some hands-on practice while you’re learning for better retention. 

About Adobe Fresco

Adobe Fresco is an application primarily used for digital drawing. It was created specifically for the Apple iPad and Pencil but has since been developed further to support many different systems. Adobe Fresco is known for its ease of use and intuitive design, making it easy to understand. 

The digital drawing part of the application is well known for its assortment of brushes, as it is the largest digital brush collection of any application in the world. This makes it a powerful tool for digital drawing. However, it is also well known for its vector and raster graphics abilities. 

The main draw of Adobe Fresco is its price. It is free to use for a large portion of the application. You can download and use it without paying; however, if you want access to all of its features and brushes, you have to pay a small monthly fee.

System RequirementsAdobe Fresco can run on both iOS systems and Windows. iOS systems version 15 or later for both iPad and iPhone. For Windows devices, it must be Windows 10 or 11 to run properly. For all systems, you need at least 5 GB of RAM to install it with more being recommended for storage as well as the latest graphics driver. 
Date ReleasedAdobe Fresco’s initial release was November  2019
Last UpdateAdobe Fresco’s latest update was in September of 2023. 
RatingAdobe Fresco has a 4.5 out of 5 rating on PCMag
UsesAdobe Fresco is primarily used as a drawing application via an Apple iPad and Pencil. However, the latest upgrades have expanded for use on new software. It is also a vector and raster graphics editor, allowing for many different uses. 
Cost  Adobe Fresco is available for free to download and use. However, Adobe Fresco for free is a limited version of the application. For the full experience, it costs $9.99 a month or $14.99 a month for the mobile plan. 

Adobe Fresco Beginners Tutorial and Comparison to Procreate

  • How Many Videos: 11 lessons
  • How Long: 35 minutes
  • Level: Beginner

This tutorial by Dorls Fullgrabe on Skillshare is the perfect place to start if you are new to Adobe Fresco. It breaks down each element of the application while also comparing it to a similar application, Procreate. It will help you decide which one is best for you before diving into projects and creations of your own. 

Adobe Fresco Tutorial for Beginners: Getting Started in 2023

  • How Many Videos: 1 video
  • How Long: 29 minutes and 12 seconds 
  • Level: All levels

This video is a quick introduction to Adobe Fresco. It breaks down each of the aspects of this application into palatable pieces. It helps guide you through the application itself, but also gives you some other digital drawing tips.

It is perfect for any level, including those who have never used Adobe Fresco or those who want to sharpen their skills using this software. 

Easy 3D Text in Procreate and Fresco

  • How Many Videos: 14 lessons
  • How Long: 31 minutes
  • Level: All levels

3D text can be fun to experiment with and it adds a new layer to your digital artwork. Within just 30 minutes, you learn how to make easy 3D text and put it to use in your own art using hands-on projects. It is accessible to all levels of knowledge for both Adobe Fresco and digital drawing in general. 

Adobe Fresco for Beginners (2022)

  • How Many Videos: 1 video
  • How Long: 10 minutes and 54 seconds
  • Level: Beginner

This tutorial is geared specifically towards beginners who are not as familiar with the application. Adobe Fresco is a learning process, but this tutorial should still be used by those familiar with digital drawing because it is only an overview of the software itself. 

Adobe Fresco: Digital Illustration with Hand Lettering

  • How Many Videos: 20 lessons
  • How Long: 1 hour and 38 minutes
  • Level: All levels

In these lessons, you will learn how to digitally create your own hand lettering with detailed lesson plans. The tutorial begins with a quick introduction to Adobe Fresco before diving into hand lettering.

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It is good for all levels as it gives you a quick summary of the application but also challenges you to develop a new skill with Adobe Fresco if you are already familiar with it. 

Drawing and Painting in Adobe Fresco

  • How Many Videos: 15 lectures
  • How Long: 2 hours and 4 minutes
  • Level: Beginner

This tutorial is suited for beginners of all kinds. It is good for both those new at using Adobe Fresco and those new to digital drawing in general.

It will walk you through both with step-by-step instructions as well as a plethora of examples along the way. It gives you details and tricks for both the application as well as art, making it a perfectly well-rounded course. 

Creative Digital Illustration: Learn to Use Adobe Fresco

  • How Many Videos: 13 lessons
  • How Long:  1 hour and 10 minutes 
  • Level: Intermediate

Lisk Feng offers a great introduction to all things Adobe Fresco. It will walk you through all of the basics you could need to know about the software before you begin to use it.

With hands-on projects, you will quickly learn how to set up your own canvas, use each of the features, and organize and detail your art.

This tutorial is best for those who already know a little about digital art but are learning to start using a new application like Adobe Fresco. 

Learning Adobe Fresco from Scratch

  • How Many Videos: 41 lectures
  • How Long: 1 hour and 39 minutes
  • Level: 

This course on Udemy is for new users new to Adobe Fresco who do not understand any of the basics.

The series will walk you through all of the features needed to get started quickly using and developing your projects. You will learn a few skills, including layering, canvas outputs, and different formats. 

Digital Illustration: Shape, texture, and Colors in Adobe Fresco

  • How Many Videos: 8 lessons
  • How Long: 28 minutes
  • Level: All levels

Whether you are using the software for drawing or vector graphics, learning how to properly create and take advantage of shapes, texture, and color is important.

A quick tutorial on how to use each of these things is helpful to artists and users of all levels to help further familiarize themself with the application. 

Tips for Getting Started in Adobe Fresco | Adobe Creative Cloud

  • How Many Videos: 1 video
  • How Long: 5 minutes and 41 seconds
  • Level: Beginner

If you want to jump into using Adobe Fresco, this may be the perfect tutorial for you. Within 6 minutes, you will understand enough about the application to get started and feel the rest of the details out yourself. It is best for beginners to the application but not for digital drawing. 

Best Adobe Fresco Tutorials FAQS

What are the disadvantages of Adobe Fresco?

Adobe Fresco’s biggest downside is the lack of ability to create your own brushes or import ones from outside of the application. However, it does have a wide range of preset brushes for use. 

Is Adobe Fresco easy to use?

Yes, Adobe Fresco is well known for its intuitive design and ease of use. It is simple, with all of the basic tools being easy to find. 

Is Skillshare Worth the Cost?

Skillshare has thousands of lessons on almost every topic you can imagine. Many of the lessons are unique and offer assistance with specific parts of software or design, so you’ll never be left without help. 

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