Tutorials Best Inkscape Tutorials: Mastering Vector Design

Best Inkscape Tutorials: Mastering Vector Design

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Graphic design and illustration have moved to online software and the need to learn how to use these new, complicated interfaces has increased rapidly.

As a graphic designer or illustrator, using these new programs while being unfamiliar with them can be frustrating. Even more experienced users switching to new software or trying out new features may need help.

Inkscape is a software that can be difficult to navigate for any level, but the free access makes it more worthwhile. 

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About Inkscape

Inkscape is a well-known vector graphics editor made to be used on a variety of platforms. It is best known for its ease of use for beginner graphic designers and those new to the software in general. However, what makes it stand out as software is that it is completely free and open source. 

While it has its issues like any software, the cost of it makes it worth it for many users. It has many features that are easy to comprehend and a simple interface that is quick to pick up.

With various languages and add-ons available, this software is highly accessible making it alluring for all levels of graphic designers and illustrators. 

System RequirementsInkscape is open-source and available on most platforms easily. It is available as a desktop app on Linux, Windows XP up to Windows 10, as well as MacOS 10.11 to MacOS 10.15
Date ReleasedInkscape’s initial release date is November 2, 2003.
Last UpdateThe latest update of Inkscape, Inkscape 1.3, was released on July 23, 2023.
RatingInkscape has a 3 out of 5 rating on PCMag. 
UsesInkscape is a vector graphics editor. It is used to render more simple vector shapes and text. The figures and text can be adjusted, colored, and moved to allow for tracing or rendering.
Cost  Inkscape is free and open-sourced, making it easily accessible to the public. 

Inkscape for Beginners Class01

Inkscape for Beginners Class01
  • How Many Videos: 6 lessons
  • How Long: 36 minutes 
  • Level: Beginner 

If you have never used Inkscape, learning new software can be daunting. Especially if you have never used any sort of graphic design software.

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This class for beginners on Skillshare takes it back to basics to teach you the start of what you need to know to get started on Inkscape. The lessons are short and sweet, providing you with the basic information so you feel confident getting started.

HeathenX Inkscape Tutorials

  • How Many Videos: 109 videos 
  • How Long: 27 hours and 36 minutes 
  • Level: All Levels 

Once you get the basics down on Inkscape, you will want to expand your knowledge to learn more skills. Learning skills more specific to what you need the software for is important.

This playlist on YouTube by Peppertop Comics has it all from the basics down to more specific and advanced skills. 

Getting Started in Inkscape

Getting Started in Inkscape
  • How Many Videos: 26 lessons
  • How Long: 2 hours and 10 minutes 
  • Level: All Levels 

This course on Skillshare is designed to take you through the basic skills but to also get more depth into skills that may be helpful in your journey using Inkscape.

With just a few hours, this course will make sure you are ready to move onto the next level and have a well-rounded knowledge of Inkscape. 

Inkscape Tutorials by TJ FREE

  • How Many Videos: 87 videos 
  • How Long: 9 hours and 21 minutes 
  • Level: All Levels 

This playlist on YouTube by TJ FREE starts by running you through the basics and advancing your skills to a master level if you are not there already.

After that, it begins to dive into more specific techniques on the full capabilities of Inkscape, making this tutorial series perfect for all levels. 

Inkscape Quickstart – Up and Running Quickly 

Inkscape Quickstart - Up and Running Quickly 
  • How Many Videos: 21 lessons
  • How Long: 2 hours and 18 minutes 
  • Level: Beginner 

In this course by Dan Webb on Skillshare, no prior knowledge is required. This tutorial throws you right into Inkscape by giving you a real project to work on and hands-on knowledge of the software.

If learning as you go is more your style than step-by-step tutorials, this is the course for you. 

Inkscape Adventure, Master the Free Vector Graphics Software

Inkscape Adventure, Master the Free Vector Graphics Software
  • How Many Videos: 137 lectures 
  • How Long: 11 hours and 35 minutes 
  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced 

In this Inkscape master class on Udemy, you will quickly become comfortable with all the tools in Inkscape. Not only will this tutorial help you master the basics, but it will also help you become more comfortable with the lesser-used tools and features of Inkscape.

Though these tools are not used as often, they offer shortcuts that make certain projects much faster to complete.

Inkscape Deep Dive: Beginner to Master (1.3 Updates!)

Inkscape Deep Dive Beginner to Master
  • How Many Videos: 92 lessons
  • How Long: 10 hours and 24 minutes 
  • Level: All Levels 

This tutorial by Brandon Grant on Skillshare is a detailed deep dive into everything you might need to know about Inkscape including all the new features in the latest update.

This course is for all levels and uses a variety of activities and projects to help you gain mastery of this software that can also be used later outside of the course. 


  • How Many Videos: 16 videos 
  • How Long: 2 hours and 3 minutes 
  • Level: Beginner 

This tutorial takes Inkscape back to basics. This quick playlist of videos on YouTube by Useful Graphic Design Tutorials will walk you through how to use the basic tools of Inkscape with just 16 small but detailed videos.

If you know little to nothing about this software, this playlist is for you. 

Inkscape: Master all the basics to create Amazing projects

  • How Many Videos: 86 lessons
  • How Long: 9 hours and 10 minutes 
  • Level: Beginner to Intermediate Level 

This course on Skillshare by Nicolas Forgue will help you learn how to use Inkscape from scratch. With this in-depth tutorial, beginners and those with no knowledge at all will be extremely comfortable with Inkscape and reach the intermediate level by the end.

It covers all aspects of Inkscape to make sure you are fully capable of using the software on your own. 

INKSCAPE MASTERCLASS – How to Create Amazing Artwork

  • How Many Videos: 19 lectures 
  • How Long: 2 hours and 11 minutes 
  • Level: All Levels 

In this masterclass by Joespeh Iro on Udemy, no prior knowledge is required. This course takes you through all aspects of Inkscape and can be useful to any level of Inkscape user, but will be most useful to those new to the software and graphic design in general.

If you are interested in learning more about graphic design and illustration on Inkscape, this is the lesson for you. 

Best Inkscape Tutorials FAQS

What is Inkscape Best For?

Inkscape is used for a wide range of graphic design tasks. It can be used for almost anything involving graphic design or illustration thanks to its wide range of tools and different aspects.

However, it is primarily used as an illustration tool to make logos, graphics, or diagrams. 

Is Inkscape Good for Beginners?

Inkscape is good for any level of graphic designer or illustrator. The different levels of tools can be useful to any skill or mastery in these arts.

However, it can be particularly useful to beginners as it is a good introduction to basic vector graphics programming if that is something unknown to the graphic designer, but it can be difficult to master at first. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Using Inkscape?

While Inkscape does offer a wide range of options and tools while being free, there are still some disadvantages when you compare it to other software of the same kind.

The most glaring disadvantage is how tricky it can be to get the hang of when you are first learning how to use it. 

The user interface can be confusing making it almost impossible to learn how to use it properly without reading up about the software or watching video tutorials.

It also does not offer many tools and features that can be found in more expensive and elite software, making it frustrating to some more advanced graphic designers and illustrators.