Gaming Call of Dragons Review: Worth Your Time?

Call of Dragons Review: Worth Your Time?

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Call of Dragons is a Fantasy MMO game available on iOS, Android, and PC, made by the same team that brought you Rise of Kingdoms (RoK).

The gameplay mechanics are similar, however, some key changes have been made for a different type of experience.

NameCall Of Dragons
Language(s)English, Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Italian,
Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese,
Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese.
Release Date28/08/2023
GenreFantasy MMO
CategoriesStrategy, Single Player, Multi-Player, 4X, Stylised
Number of Downloads5 Million +
Estimated Revenue$7 Million Per Month
Developer Website
Google Play Store LinkLink Here
iOS App Store LinkLink Here

Call of Dragons Review

Initial impressions of this game were good, with incredible graphics for a mobile platform bringing this game to life.

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The narrative is fairly rich and well-developed, and the first part of the game serves essentially as an interactive tutorial to help you learn the basic mechanics. You will encounter other players soon enough though, so it doesn’t feel isolated.

Call of Dragons Gameplay

Gameplay in Call of Dragons revolves around two main concepts; base building and combat. When you start off you’re given the choice between 3 different classes of hero, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

It will appeal to fans of the genre who understand the innate differences between classes and are able to predetermine their gameplay style. Beginners, however, may require additional guidance. The three basic classes are:

  • elves
  • Mages
  • Warriors

This game is suitable for older children, teens, and adults. The theme is not appropriate for younger audiences as the storyline is quite dark in places and the online nature of the game does introduce some risk to younger players.

Call of Dragons could be considered a good gateway game into other titles in the genre, including Age of Empires, Rise of Kings, and Final Fantasy.

The setting of the game is a classic fantasy experience, incorporating mythical creatures from legend and fairy tales. Fans of games, books, and films such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones would really appreciate a title such as this.

One debated aspect of the gameplay is the season mechanic. Players have expressed distress at the fact that progression is reset at the start of each season, but this is standard practice amongst games of this type.

Call of Dragons Graphics

The graphics in Call of Dragons are above average for most mobile games and I think that’s one of their main selling points. Cutscenes in this game feature exceptionally well-detailed character models with expressive animation.

Overall the frame rate appears to be stable (tested on my iPhone 13 Pro) with no significant performance hiccups.

The overworld scenery is well detailed, with an art style reminiscent of Genshin Impact or Zelda, Breath of the Wild. It is worth considering installing and playing this game on your PC, however, the system requirements are fairly intensive, needing at least 8GB RAM(with awesome graphics comes great responsibility).

The tradeoff of playing on this platform is that you benefit from the best graphical fidelity the game has to offer, with the option of a 60FPS mode for maximum immersion.

Call of Dragons Controls

The control scheme for Call of Dragons is quite intuitive, working very well on the small screen of an iPhone. UI elements are well-sized, and easy to interact with.

If you opt to play the game on PC, you can benefit from the enhanced traditional style controls with a conventional mouse and keyboard setup.

Call of Dragons Monetisation

Like most free-to-play games on mobile, Call of Dragons features a gameplay design that pushes players towards spending money on the excessive monetization system and encourages microtransaction purchases from very early on in the game.

Other reviews for this game have also indicated a clear ‘pay to win’ mechanic, meaning that the game cannot reasonably be enjoyed to its fullest without spending real world cash. Such a system unfortunately does detract from the gameplay experience.

Final Verdict

Call of Dragons is a game with enormous potential. The artwork is solid, the gameplay is good, and the writing is better than expected. The fusion of base building mechanics and combat systems is very well done, and the transition between these different styles of play is very smooth. 

I would have been able to give this game a higher score had it not been for the monetization strategy, as I find it to be too integral to the experience to ignore.

Despite this, it is well worth checking out for fans of the genre, or for people who want a little bit of variety within their gameplay.

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