Digital Art How to Add Fonts To Illustrator

How to Add Fonts To Illustrator

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Let’s discuss one of the most important tools you can use as a graphic designer. Fonts are important when you’re adding a written message to your designs.

You may have heard about typefaces such as Arial or New Times Roman. They are one of the most commonly used fonts in the digital world. 

In this tutorial, I’ll guide you through a few steps to easily manage typefaces, and add as many fonts as you would like on Adobe Illustrator.

Let’s get started!

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Add and Change Fonts on Adobe Illustrator

What are Fonts?

Fonts refer to the styles of letters or characters used in written communication. They determine the visual style of text used in any artwork. 

They come in serif, sans-serif, script, and display. Their characters can also change depending on weight, size, and style. 

Start by opening a fresh document in Adobe Illustrator and selecting your preferred size document. There aren’t any specific document size values for this practice tutorial. 

Grab the Type tool from the toolbar. There are many tools to add copy to your artwork.

Click anywhere on your artwork and start typing. An automatic text will appear where you can write any word you prefer. 

I started by typing Grace, without selecting a specific font. 

This is where the fun begins. Let’s access the Characters Panel. There are two ways to access it. You can see it in the overhead menu, or make sure Window > Type > Characters is ticked.   

Click on the down arrow to access the fonts already installed in your system. Adobe Illustrator comes with its own set of built-in typefaces. You can also try the Find More tab to access more fonts from the Adobe store. 

You do not need to click on every font, to see how it looks. You can use the arrow keys (down arrow) for an even easier and faster control. 

To add a font from the internet, go to a website. I like The internet is filled with websites that have free fonts to use. 

Let’s add the Altone font to my list. Click on Download, and wait for it to upload to your system. 

Go to downloads, and unzip the folder. Whether you’re using a Mac or a Windows, you should be able to use the font after unzipping it. 

Click on Install Font. Depending on the typeface, it can come in various sizes (light, regular, and bold). 

After installation, you may have to reopen Adobe Illustrator, to be able to use it. Go back to Illustrator, and search for the font you just installed, following the same steps mentioned above. 

What to keep in mind When Adding Fonts

Fonts are the different styles of text you see in posters, websites, and logos. They help convey a different message depending on the style you use. 

They come in many types and styles, like serif, sans-serif, and script. Choosing the right font is essential for good communication. 

Explore the possibilities and use other tools in Adobe to add cool effects to your copy!

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