How to Create A Pattern In Illustrator

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You have created icons that you want to transform into a pattern in Adobe Illustrator. How do you do it?

You start by duplicating and placing the objects in different spots, but did you know there is an easier way?

In this tutorial, I’ll guide you through a few steps to easily create an awesome pattern for your design projects. 

I have previously created two icons: a burger and fries. You can use any shapes, objects, line art, or photos you have. They just have to be separate entities.

Let’s get started with the tutorial.

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Create a pattern in a few simple steps

I’m going to use these 2 icons to make a pattern. Start by selecting the two with the Selection tool (V), and go to Object > Pattern > Make

This is where the fun begins. You can now create your pattern using different options. There are different types of patterns, grid, brick by row, or column.  I will choose the grid. You can also choose the number of copies. In my case, I only need a 5×5. You can take your time to explore. 

I can space out the objects using the Pattern Tile Tool on the top corner of the Patterns Options panel.

 Reposition the anchor points to add/decrease space between the icons in your pattern. 

With the Rectangle Tool (M), create a rectangle where your bounding box (in blue) appears. 

Don’t be scared if your rectangle masks all the work. Go to your Layers Panel and drag the new rectangle layer to the back of all the other layers. 

Here we go! We’re saved. 

 Of course, change the background color to any color of your choosing. If you’re satisfied with the work, click Done from the overhead menu. 

The pattern is now saved in your Swatches panel. If you don’t see your Swatched panel anywhere, you can access it by going to Window > Swatches.

You can now create the pattern anywhere in your workspace. Awesome!! 

If you need to edit your pattern, simply double-click on it in the Swatches Panel. You can make some elements smaller, add an effect, or even write something.

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I added a handwritten note.  If you need to edit an icon, simply click on it. 

It will automatically be added to your pattern. Click Done

What to keep in mind 

Creating patterns in Adobe Illustrator is a thrilling experience. 

I love the ability to visualize the final result while making edits, so you don’t need the constant back-and-forth adjustments. 

You can use vectors or ready images to make patterns. Using vectors gives the advantage of easily editing colors and shapes, or removing elements, which can be more challenging with pixel images. 

Enjoy the process!

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